• Hey there,

    Just wanted to let you know I appreciate you adding all those dakimakura covers to the database. Thanks a lot!
    4 года назад
    Hey there, I came across Item #191590 Original Character - Emily Roberts - Dakimakura Cover (Takumi Makura). You wouldn't be interested in selling it or know someone who might be wanting to sell it? Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please PM me.
    5 лет назад
    Hi! Just wanted to thank you for your efforts to find the store link for the parsee board! It means a lot!
    6 лет назад
    Leosach Born this way
    OMG! just now I've noticed you're now a VIB!!! CONGRATS dear! finally you are! very well deserved! ^^ yaaaaaaaay o/
    6 лет назад
    4Arnd 4ア一ンド
    Congrats on VIB ffenris!

    And thank you for all your hard work on the database! (^.^)
    6 лет назад
    Marco-Kun Sonico lover
    Haha ya same, I only have one pillow, and only like 3 covers.. Only 1 is official though. I have all stored at the moment. I rather put them on the wall later, when I feel like it.
    ffenris6 лет назад#2189719On a pillow. I have only one pillow though, so I can display only one at a time, the rest have to stay inside the wardrobe :P
    6 лет назад
    Marco-Kun Sonico lover
    It seems good! Thanks for adding it! ^^

    Haha I'm not really sure how I will display them too, but to be fair, most of the Sonico stuff I have aren't on display, except for the figures. The rest is all in storage boxes xD

    Alright nice! I saw that one, seems to be pretty nice ^^ Do you display those on your wall or do you put them on a pillow?
    ffenris6 лет назад#2187854All done! Let me know if I got any of them wrong.
    Nope, I didn't get a box ... wasn't sure how I would display them. I did get this one, though: ITEM #209251 :3
    6 лет назад
    Marco-Kun Sonico lover
    Alright, thanks ^^
    I will send you the PM shortly after this.
    Also, are you getting a box?ffenris6 лет назад#2186699You'll have to help me -- I can make out the numbering for the 2 special cards (23 and 24), but for the other ones, the numbers (at bottom left or bottom right) are not clear enough for me to make out. If you can send me a PM with which item is which number, I can update the rest as well (1-22).
    6 лет назад
    Marco-Kun Sonico lover
    A while back you added these to the database: search.php?type...
    I received the box today! They are indeed randomly assorted. I got 23 out of the 24! I only miss 1!!

    It seems that all the posters has their own number. Is it possible to add those to the entries at the "Numbering" section?
    6 лет назад
    Marco-Kun Sonico lover
    That's indeed what I thought too, that we get 48 pieces in total. I know from experience, with this poster box (PICTURE #927269), that the description might be false. That poster box had a description with stuff like "assorted randomly", "not sure if you will get all 16". In the end, the box does have all 16, guaranteed.

    I guess we will just have to wait and see with this new set. Perhaps we will get 2 full sets xD

    Alright nice ^^ I cannot wait to receive it! I paid for it today.
    ffenris6 лет назад#2157992You're welcome:)
    From what I understand, you get 16 sets of 3 each (ie total 48) when you order the box, but they are randomly selected, so it is not *guaranteed* to get all 24. But I guess there is a very good chance.
    That's a bonus photograph that comes with the box set (so you should be getting it :3 ) -- I've added a comment and linked it to all the entries.
    6 лет назад
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