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    Hello there Xiao! if you would excuse such a random intrusion from a person such as myself, I couldn't help but notice you like the Katanagatari series, those are quite some impressive tastes, only a few people I know are aware of it, and of the people I do know who have seen it unfortunately can't stick around because of all the......dialogue, nevertheless its good to see another fan such as yourself! Have you by any chance read the original Katanagatari light novels or the Maniwari ninja's special spin off Maniwagatari?
    10 лет назад
    So it appears you like Nia :)
    Wanna join my club?

    CLUB #381

    Also, would you care to give a comment on my banner?

    PICTURE #110696
    10 лет назад
    XiaoHey! Thanks for friending me! ^^

    Hey there! No problem, happy to be your friend on here! :D Your nendo and gashapon collections are incredible!
    10 лет назад
    Tenma The Idolm@ster
    Your welcome :3

    Thanks im very proud of my collection
    11 лет назад
    Yuuka_Kazami MMS Type Trap
    Welcome to Tsuki-Board Xiao!
    I always lvoer to see another tweeter on here!
    Great TTGL collection; can't wait to see it grow.
    Waaah, 23 ordered figures is a lot. Impressive!
    I hope you enjoy your stay!
    11 лет назад
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