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  • Happy Birthday:-DDD
    3 года назад
    Happy birthday!
    3 года назад
    BrizzlePizzle3 года назад#14900061Welcome to MFC, it's so good to meet another idol lover!!! Ruby is super adorbs, I definitely see her appeal. I personally am a Mari fan, but truthfully I love all the sunshine girls. <3

    Unfortunately Ruby doesn't seem too popular, but I'm used to liking the less popular girls (poor Hanayo and Honoka lol).
    I haven't seen any figures of Mari yet, hopefully they'll start making pretty Sunshine figures soon!
    3 года назад
    BrizzlePizzle3 года назад#14582609I love your kancolle collection *^* beautiful!
    Thank you!~
    I have all the nendos released to date and one day I should take a picture of all of them posed~
    3 года назад
    Tried to send you a message about Saber, but your inbox is full. >.<
    3 года назад
    BrizzlePizzle3 года назад#14357540It's definitely in my top favorites as well. It's my name :)

    good:-)) then nice to meet you.
    3 года назад
    BrizzlePizzle3 года назад#14357529Yes! Love live is life haha! Nice to meet you as well, My name is Breezy.

    Ye thats right..*-* ll is my favorite anime series. me too. *-* Breezy your nickname or realname ? my name is silvia.:-))
    3 года назад
    nice to meet you :-)))) you are ll fan i see.
    3 года назад
    BrizzlePizzle3 года назад#13649921Yay welcome to MFC! :D

    Thanks, excited to start collecting *rolls up sleeves*
    3 года назад
    BrizzlePizzle4 года назад#7220995You have an amazing figure collection! I appreciate that you have a lot of 90's anime stuff haha :)

    Haha, thanks! Yeah, I've been watching anime for a good 20 years now, so I'm into quite a few older series.
    4 года назад
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