Girls Only!Favorite figure?

  • Shinoko
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    7 лет назад
    Hello everyone!

    I am new to the figure collecting after being tempted into joining the ranks of female collectors by my friends adorable collection of nendoroids, and amazing larger scale figures. This was the turning point for me, I knew that I had to collect such amazing figures.

    This leads me to my point, is there a favorite figure of all time for everybody? Something that they could not part with if they had to for some unfortunate reason reduce their collections? I am just curious as to what is out there, and what kind of figures are favored by female collectors. Currently, I lack a favorite due to the small size of my collection.
  • SierraNHaynes
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    7 лет назад
    Favorite figure? That's a difficult question to answer, especially considering all my figures are like my children =w= *snuggles them*

    But at present I guess my favorite has to be my figure of Haruka in her pink maid outfit. She keeps me company at the school while I study OuO


    For a figure released a while ago and being the price I got her for, she is surprisingly detailed and lovely~ Plus she makes me smile everytime I see her after a long day of classes X3
  • mintbunny
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    SierraNHaynes7 лет назад

    Can you link me to that one? I can't seem to find it, thanks!

    My all time favorite? Can I pick a few? Like if I had to sell everything I would totally try to keep UFO Valkyrie, Mirei-san, and try to keep most of my Bishoujo collection. I love them because they are the perfect combination of western origins and Japanese art.
  • escape_rope
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    7 лет назад
    I collect more male figures but I guess I could call this Yoko ITEM #10018 my all time favourite. I seriously searched for the fig when I started this collecting hobby and I was so happy when I received the figure. I have many many other amazing and even "better" figures but I can't help but love this Yoko so much. I don't think I'll ever part with it.

    I also believe that Yukio ITEM #93819 who I got only recently will stay my top fav forever. It was so hard to wait him to get released, I was so excited ;u; He's my favourite character from the series (I think I have a thing for him) plus the figure looks stunning. A fanrgirl like me couldn't be any hapier!
  • Shinoko
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    7 лет назад
    ^o^ I'm actually very excited to get some responses! I think because my collection is so small, literally only 2-4 larger figures, that it is easier for me to have a "favorite". Although as my collection grows, I do believe it will be harder to pin down which ones are my "favorites". I also love the reasons behind why each figure is the "favorite" one. ^^; I suppose that I still have quite a bit to learn. Although I do think I will tend to collect more of the male figures.

    But I totally agree that the Yukio figure it quite amazing. Unfortunately for me though, he will have to wait until another paycheck comes in, before he will be mine. ^^; I was trying to get his brother, who is my favorite character in the series, with his brother coming in at a very close second, but didn't get to him in time. I hope they release more figures from that series, I love it so much!

    But another question, how do people get started in collecting figures? I collected a few small ones from conventions that I went to. Although the true obsession/craze got started because of my friend's collection.
  • neopentane
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    7 лет назад
    My favorite figure isn't anything all that spectacular. It's this Kagami figma ITEM #2196 . A really good friend of mine got her for me for my 16th birthday as a companion for my Konata figma. I was genuinely surprised and kind of touched by the gesture (I didn't know she knew I collected)...ahh that sounds so sappy! I guess she's my favorite for really just that reason.

    And to answer your second question, I discovered figure collecting when I stumbled upon youtube videos of people reviewing figures. I had no idea such things existed and I've always been a collector in general, so naturally I had to get my grubby hands on some, haha. It was a lot more addicting than I first imagined, that's for sure!
  • Smey
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    7 лет назад
    I don't have too many figures, but I think this is my favourite ITEM #78589
    She's beautiful.
  • CinnamonSwirls
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    7 лет назад
    Ahh, I love all my figures in my collection. Okay, well except for my Clalaclan maid. Other then her, I adore each and every one of my figures. My collection is kinda small though, so it is hard to pick one. Although, when ITEM #118010 arrives in August, she may become my favourite.
  • theyasminshow
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    7 лет назад
    Tough call... if I had to narrow it down:
    ITEM #155 I hunted hard and lucked out in getting her for an amazing price.
    ITEM #99588 I liked Mami's design long before I even knew what series she was from.
    ITEM #96915 Kyouko is love. I like these Banpresto figures more than the GSC Puella Magi series.
    ITEM #25218 Actually been pining for this for years. Picking her up tomorrow morning from the post office, praying she isn't damaged.
    - not that I was obsessed with it, I just needed to get it -
  • Stringed
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    Easy. ITEM #63. This Rider is one of my handful of grail figures and the only one I've successfully obtained. I adore her.

    I'm also rather partial to these:
    ITEM #61612 - This Panty just looks perfect
    ITEM #5780 - I actually started reading Rosario + Vampire to justify buying this
    ITEM #5443 - ...and broke my rules and bought this without having seen any of Gurren Lagann. I've watched it now, though, and I'm so glad I have this Yoko.
    Hey baby, wanna see my Noble Phantasm?
  • Riesz
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    It's a tie between two figures for me.

    ITEM #27938 - She's gorgeous, stunning, and elegant but also looks powerful with her armour and sword.

    ITEM #72522 - I originally ordered her just because I love Luka and like the gradient effect of her hair but she just arrived the other day and she's truly stunning in person. Her face is cute and I really love her pose.
  • 39
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    5 лет назад
    My favorite is the Miku nendoroid (number 33) and the reason is because it was the first one I got.

    I started collecting figures when I stumbled across the 2014 Snow Miku nendorid. I saw it, and I wanted it, (still don't have it) so I started looking in to it, and found out there was way more figures then I thought. The End.
  • Lilliia
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    4 года назад
    Ren, it was so hard to save up for him ($200) but he's worth it. ^^


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