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  • xxangelchanxx
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    11 лет назад
    I got my first cast off figure. :D
    And to be honest,i did not even remove her clothes yet. XD
  • sammizu0
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    10 лет назад
    thedoorknobsammizu0I loooooooovvvee cast off.

    Not because im perverted whatever. Im one of those people who wishes i could afford bjds, and uses figures as a cheap alternative.

    If you dont understand what im trying to splain, i mean i use my cast offs as dressup dolls XD

    This amused me because I own bjds and never thought of them as cast-offs (I don't really think of them as figures I guess!). But I can see what you mean... I really enjoy making clothes for my dolls and dressing them up. I hope you can manage to get your hands on a doll soon ^^ They are worth their weight in gold.

    As for cast-off figures... I only own two semi-cast-offs (GSC Miku's skirt and Koto's Celestia's two skirts). I don't mind cast-offs as long as they don't interfere with the figure's look. So long as I can display them with a decent amount of clothing, I don't think a cast-off would keep me from buying a figure. If the figure happens to have a nice body underneath, it's just a plus.

    im glad you understand what i was saying. a little bit after i made that post i found 3 bjds in my basement.....wierd. i dont even remember buying it O-o
    Plus my mom wants to buy me another one. plus i do own dolls. lots of dolls. but only 3 bjds.....


    When i got revoltech echidona(from queens blade) i didnt like her outfit so i made her a dress.
  • cioudrunnerfiute
    cioudrunnerfiuteFound Holy Grail & QuitVery Important Boarder • lv18
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    10 лет назад
    Is it really a cast-off if all that comes off is a skirt? :/ I mean, technically yes it is but compared to others who expose private parts I feel that the skirt being called a "cast off" part is kinda silly. I mean, they usually look really stupid without the skirt anyway (there are exceptions like Kan'u Unchou and Arisa that look better without the skirts).
  • SilverLynxy
    SilverLynxyRegular Boarder • lv12
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    10 лет назад
    I don't actively look for the cast-off feature and I don't use it. I buy figures based on the faces, clothes, and poses. I don't understand the appeal of looking at underwear or nekkidness (on figures or on real people for that matter) since it seems rather lewd to me. The most disturbing part is when I have to carefully twist and tug and pull my darling girls in half to get the piece of plastic wedged under the skirt out. That's the only time the clothing ever comes off.
  • Fyrd
    FyrdRegular Boarder • lv10
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    10 лет назад
    I've got quite a few cast-offables, but in a few instances I didn't even know about the cast-off feature of that particular figure until after I had placed my preorder :D I display them with their clothes on but I try the cast-off at least once since I like to know how they made it work. Only exception would be Melissa Seraphy, I'm kinda bummed she can't stand without her pumpkin since her pink frillies are too damn cute! (And the leg sculpt cannot be properly seen fully dressed....)

    I never thought BJDs as cast-offables either, but well, my BJDs are tinies anyway so it would be quite...perverted...to keep them unclothed. BDJs are my way around the static poses of PVC figures though (in that they can't change their pose as BJDs can).
  • Singer_Yuna
    Singer_YunaAll along the Watchtower ♪Moderator • lv29
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    10 лет назад
    Do you ever heard about decals for figures? www.nekomagic.c...
    Personally I think they are disgusting. 1 is enough...not variety for all (male) tastes
  • Fyrd
    FyrdRegular Boarder • lv10
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    10 лет назад
    ^ I actually found that pretty funny. Would not do to my own figures (1. I'm too worried about discoloration and 2. I don't display my girls nekkid) but to each their own.... On the plus side, makes those porcelins look even a bit more adult so it doesn't look like pedophilia.
  • mewi
    mewiRegular Boarder • lv15
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    10 лет назад
    sammizu0I loooooooovvvee cast off.

    Not because im perverted whatever. Im one of those people who wishes i could afford bjds, and uses figures as a cheap alternative.

    If you dont understand what im trying to splain, i mean i use my cast offs as dressup dolls XD

    Your splain is good enough for me! XD LOL it sounds like I'm saying spleen when I say it out loud!

    I don't know much about cast offables, I know I have a few nude GK figures for collection purposes but thats about it ;O
  • Frailgraphics
    FrailgraphicsRegular Boarder • lv15
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    9 лет назад
    I don't love cast off figures, but I do like them. I hate it when cast off clothing looks too bulky. I'd rather have 2 figures instead (an almost naked one and a reg one).
  • Mary
    MaryRegular Boarder • lv13
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    8 лет назад
    I don't own any cast off figures, but I'd really love some male ones. Because I am a pervert. I would probably display a female figure topless for the lols maybe but nothing more.
  • Rainbow-Licorne
    Rainbow-LicorneRegular Boarder • lv15
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    8 лет назад
    I don't mind them at all.
    I have a few. (Miku, Kirino, Kuroko, Holo)
    I just like taking the skirts on and off as a way to play with them. But other than that I always leave them skirt-ed.
  • mintbunny
    mintbunnyThe Geeky BunnyRegular Boarder • lv24
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    8 лет назад
    I love cast off figures, but don't actively seek them out. If it has it, then awesome! If not, who cares. I do keep all my figures dressed while on display. I like leaving something to my imagination. ;)
  • acethesuperhero
    acethesuperheroRegular Boarder • lv10
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    8 лет назад
    I love me some cast-offs. Don't currently own any but nom nom nom. Sometimes I just like to see some boobies.

    Yeah, I'm a perv.
  • Taralen
    TaralenElf HoarderRegular Boarder • lv25
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    8 лет назад
    Cast offs are interesting but I don't seek them at all. Sometimes I just like to cast them off to see what kind of details they put, especially on underwear.
  • Minzuki
    MinzukiRegular Boarder • lv14
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    8 лет назад
    I don't mind cast-offs.I don't own any but I've seen some that have some really nice designs.
  • Shinigamiyoko
    Shinigamiyokoheart reinforceRegular Boarder • lv16
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    8 лет назад
    Doesn't matter to me either way. It's nice to have options, and hey, if it makes someone else happy without detracting from the overall look of the figure, then I don't mind~

    I would never display the 'removable skirt only' figures this way though, it looks out of place to me when a figure has no skirt and just stands there happy like "lol here i am." I think the embarrassed/seductive looking cast off figures are preferable to displaying a bunch of no skirt only figures, honestly.
  • CinnamonSwirls
    CinnamonSwirlsRegular Boarder • lv22
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    8 лет назад
    My opinion of cast-off figures is that I enjoy the fact that the sculptor put that much more detail into the figure, but usually I don't really bother to remove the clothing. I would only consider it if the figure's clothing doesn't look to my liking. They are pieces of plastic art so having them nude around my room isn't a big deal....but my parents....that's another reason why I choose not to cast-off my figure's clothing o.o
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