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    I am something of an addict, yes. I fund it by not buying manga or anime (as after all, I'm already supporting the creators by buying figures - and on top of that I'm not into supporting localization companies) and steadily selling stuff I have and don't want. I've made a massive dent in my manga collection and am beginning to sell the anime. Things that also need to go are my PS2 (I am living with someone who already has one, so what's the point? especially when it's half-taken apart?) and my DSi. (If anyone's interested in giving me a good price for either of these please PM me!)

    Frankly, I figure, I'm on an incredibly tough track in school (bioinformatics you be killin' me). I deserve a reward once in awhile. Or lots of times in awhile. As stupid as this is about to sound, seeing my figures gives me motivation to keep on doing my work. :)
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