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    PICTURE #139117

    As you can see, I really don’t have proper designated space for my figures. I kind of started buying and never thought, “where am I going to put theses?”, so I’ve squished them all together for the time being. The same thing happened with my HikaGo/KKM plushies…just kinda bought them without knowing where to display them. My room is one big mess with all sorts of things thrown together on that bureau haha. I wish I could spread them out. =/
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    I don't have a recent picture of my room, but I took this one of my manga collection some days ago. Also, my room is a mess, it's a bit embarrasing. ^^

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    Half of my room :P
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    Your rooms are so... tidy. -_- My room is ultra tiny so I'm perpetually cleaning! lol

    C2219 лет назадimage/C22112930...

    My new ridiculously girly room, enjoy.

    I have that same Pickles blanket, along with the matching pillow!
    - not that I was obsessed with it, I just needed to get it -
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    I haven't had any real pics since 2009 ; _ ; And that was after packing a few things. This is just my manga from back then too. I had a ton of anime too xD; Our collection has only grown since then.


    I haven't had a real room either since.. ^^; We live with my parents, and had to convert that to the younger boys' room. So we're in the downstairs living room, using it as a living room/bedroom/kitchen/dining room/etc.
    We'll hopefully be out by the end of May, depending on apartment/etc openings, so I'll make sure I share a ton of photos then too! Or should I be doing a video? :/ It'll be a whole apartment/house full of anime/general otaku goods..
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