MFCNSFW Unavaiable When Logged Out?

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  • googoo1337
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    1 месяц назад
    I've just noticed this. Is this a recent change? It doesn't seem like a bug as there is a new, specific, error message. I don't see any announcements in regard to this change. Quite annoying though.
  • noctisity
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    1 месяц назад • Обновлено 1 месяц назад
    It's been like that for awhile now. I think it has to do with advertisers and protecting the site (i.e. random people looking at the site without an account won't have as easy access to nsfw content).

    Just FYI, whenever there is any change on this website, it's a miracle to get an announcement at all sadly lol. People just randomly come across it and eventually mention it to others via articles/forums/etc.
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