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Fire EmblemAwakening: Who did you marry?

Wario54Wario546 лет назадFire Emblem

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    WindsorSeven (6 лет назад)Wario54 (6 лет назад)WindsorSeven (6 лет назад)Is it weird that I haven't started playing yet, but I already picked out who I'm going to marry?
    Nah man, that's just strategy. So who is it?

    Maribelle for my male play through, but I'm undecided who to get with on my loli female run. I was actually thinking Lon'qu, solely because I find his "Women" phrase to be hilarious fireemblem.nint...

    Maribelle?? Why?? You could do so much better, dude.

    If I do a male playthrough, Anna all the way!
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