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Tales of Fan ClubTales of lovely girls~

RibonizerRibonizer9 лет назадTales of Fan Club

Favorite Pairing?

  • 7%Alvin x Elize
  • 7%Lloyd x Colette
  • 0%Cress x Mint
  • 0%Gaius x Muzèt
  • 4%Asbel x Cheria
  • 4%Luke x Tear
  • 2%Alvin x Guy
  • 9%Jude x Milla
  • 2%Hubert x Pascal
  • 11%Yuri x Flynn
  • 7%ZelosxLloyd
  • 7%Zelos x Sheena
  • 7%Jade x Himself
  • 13%Sorey x Mikleo
  • 2%Asch x Natalia
  • 2%Ludger x Luke
  • 4%Guy x Luke
  • 2%Keele x Meredy
  • 4%Shing x Kohaku
  • 2%Yuan x Martel
  • 2%Zaveid x Mikleo
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    I haven't played ToS yet, but Raine is in Radiant Mythology, and she's fucking gorgeous~
    She'll def be my fav in that game. I may start ToS sometime after x-mas, I'm getting a gamecube controller for x-mas so I'll be able to play it UNDUBed on Wii~

    Shirley.... Well.... As opposed to Meredy, her seiyuu, Ryou Hirohashi, who's one of my favorite seiyuu, saves her from being somebody I'd hate for breaking up Chloe and Sennel XD
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