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  • Singer_Yuna
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    What's your opinion of the Cast off?
    Personally...I love that there is at least one figma...the first complete figure(and not bust)...of a male with cast off option...yes...I know Billy Herrington is not a god...but its officially the first attempt of a male cast off.

    How many cast off figures do you own?
    I got 4: Waitress Shana, Yui, and two Shuraki's: Rifzis and Mishiro (1 and 5). And I hope no more xD
  • Hachiko
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    I don't actively seek cast off figures, but if a figure I like happens to be cast offable, that wouldn't steer me away from it. It's true that I don't like the suggestive and sexual figures, but as long as I have the option to keep their clothes on, that's fine. :3

    I would love to take of Squall's shirt on some of his figures, though. >///>
  • NanoZero
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    Like Hachiko, I don't look for cast off figures, but if the figure I'm ordering just happens to be a cast off, I don't really care all that much. I don't even think of that feature on a figure.

    I only own one, and that is my Max Factory Shana. She looks cooler with her skirt on than without it.
  • J-chan
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    Yeah, I definitely won't display figures in their castoff state, but I won't avoid a figure just because it has the option. There's actually something sorta cool about it, now that I think about it- there's extra details on the figure, not that I ever want to look at them. xD
    Although, it sorta makes me shudder to think of guys actually displaying figures like that. = 3=
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  • Zetsubo-san
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    Three QB Revoltechs as of the moment *w*
    Yeeeees, HIDEYOSHI. We all know that YOU are prettier than Hanbei. XDDDDD
  • SaRu
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    Male figures + cast off = yummy *¬*

    Want <3
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/SoulTaker06/Firmas/f3n.png http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/SoulTaker06/Firmas/d_03.gif
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/SoulTaker06/s.png 釘パンチ~!!
  • Rapunzel
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    I'm not overly fond of cast off but I can see where the appeal is for it XDXD But right now I own a whopping two PVCs and two trading figures that are cast off and the only one that sqicks me a bit is this Mikan figure figure/9277_sak... since her skirt is cast offable, and that's just... I don't know, it makes me feel a bit dirty though XDXDXD

    But if a figure has the cast off option it won't stop me from buying it if I really love it <3 Though it does irk me when the clothes have bad noticeable seams due to the cast off option.
  • xxangelchanxx
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    depends what you mean by cast off.If its almost all the clothes then no.

    But 2 of my figures have small cast off features.

    My yuna has a cast off able pijama piece and my chie has a cast off able skirt.

    I woulden't mind buying a fully cast off figure but i would display her with all her clothes on. XD
    Like Megahouse's Nanael for example.
  • cioudrunnerfiute
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    I find it quite fun to take off their clothes. It's not "dirty" to me since I don't actually find it arousing. I feel like it's more of a Barbie-like complex. It's just fun to pose them differently! I usually won't display my figures cast-off though because people do come to my house and they may find it indecent.

    I have a problem with some of them too. Sometimes the ability for cast-off makes the clothes look too bulky or the figure is waaay too skinny underneath the clothing.

    Skirt cast-off's aren't even "cast-off's" in my mind. Almost every figure out there has that option and most of them don't even look good just wearing a blouse and panties. It's like they're still in the middle of getting dressed or something.
  • Rovena
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    Well, if the figure is well-made, why not? Although I will not display it without cloth (might take it off once just to see what it looks like).
  • abyssus
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    It creeps me out o.o..
    I like to collect female figures more than males dunno why.. and it never fails to annoy me that they only have female cast offs and hardly any males. (Not because I want, that just because they havn't thought about doing things like that for females.)
    But although I hate them, I would still buy a figure if it's a good figure :3.
  • Marshmallowpie
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    Don't really care. But if it causes large seams in the outfit, do not want. :<
  • sammizu0
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    I loooooooovvvee cast off.

    Not because im perverted whatever. Im one of those people who wishes i could afford bjds, and uses figures as a cheap alternative.

    If you dont understand what im trying to splain, i mean i use my cast offs as dressup dolls XD
  • L-san
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    HachikoI would love to take of Squall's shirt on some of his figures, though. >///>

    Cast-offable Play-Arts. Now there's a great idea. XD

    I own just 2 cast-off figures. Horo (Kotobukiya ver.) and the Banpresto Premium Ranka Lee. (I didn't know these were cast-off figures when I purchased them. ^_^; )
  • LilSeebs
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    I wouldn't order any figures just for it being a cast off, but I wouldn't avoid them either.

    I'd probably just order it and leave clothes on x3
    Alphose Elric for the love :3
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  • KuroiTsubasa4
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    I was completely confused when I got my first cast-off figure, since I had no idea that it was cast off. I was unwrapping it and saw that there was plastic around the skirt and thought, how the heck did they get that around there? So I used manicure scissors to take the plastic off -_- Then I looked it up and saw that it was cast-off... Heh, oh well, now I know. I don't actively look for cast-off figures, especially since separating pieces of expensive figures makes me nervous, and I never would display them in just their panties anyways :P
  • thedoorknob
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    sammizu0I loooooooovvvee cast off.

    Not because im perverted whatever. Im one of those people who wishes i could afford bjds, and uses figures as a cheap alternative.

    If you dont understand what im trying to splain, i mean i use my cast offs as dressup dolls XD

    This amused me because I own bjds and never thought of them as cast-offs (I don't really think of them as figures I guess!). But I can see what you mean... I really enjoy making clothes for my dolls and dressing them up. I hope you can manage to get your hands on a doll soon ^^ They are worth their weight in gold.

    As for cast-off figures... I only own two semi-cast-offs (GSC Miku's skirt and Koto's Celestia's two skirts). I don't mind cast-offs as long as they don't interfere with the figure's look. So long as I can display them with a decent amount of clothing, I don't think a cast-off would keep me from buying a figure. If the figure happens to have a nice body underneath, it's just a plus.
  • Lenneth
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    I dont mind cast off as long as it fits two criteria. first is, it can be put on display with all her bits on covering her up. And second is that the cast off feature doesnt hurt the figure. eg it doesnt leave ugly seams or make the figure look like theres a heavy chunk of plastic (her clothes) sticking on top of her.

    I dont like figures that are already cast off meaning theres no parts to cover their modesty.
  • SaRu
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    I have a male cast off figure!!!!!! :D well... a coin figure XD
    Soooooooooo cuuuuteeeeeeee
    Love him <3 <3

    And yes.. you can see his special part XDDDD
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/SoulTaker06/Firmas/f3n.png http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/SoulTaker06/Firmas/d_03.gif
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v433/SoulTaker06/s.png 釘パンチ~!!
  • Lenneth
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    Stop following me around with that picture. lol j/k
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