Take care of your figures!Fixing action figures' painting

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    1 год назад
    Hello to all members of this very good board!
    In time of quarantine due to coronavirus I'd like to fix the paint of my action figures.
    I have never painted anything so before buying the acrylic color, the brushes etc... I'd like to know the opinion of some users with real experience.
    I have also read other fix paint entry here on the forum and the article of Kahotan on GSC blog.
    Is it too difficult what I'm trying to attempt??

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    Hello there,

    Fixing the paint certainly is feasible but a bit tricky. The main difficulty, in my opinion, lies in achieving the right paint mix to match the original color. The main advice I would give for that is to work under a bright white light. Aside from that, Kahotan's blog post covers the subject really well in my opinion.
    If you need an example here's an article where I put the technique into practice BLOG #34831

    If you have any specific question, feel free to ask.
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    Very interesting article thank you!
    And thanks for the advice of the 5500k lamp.
    I'd like to fill the first order of stuff.
    What do you think is the best way to achive the matching color? Is it to buy the primary color and mixing? Or It is to buy some flesh tone and maybe using the white color to lighten?
    I can also buy a brown and a black/grey for the hair.
    I see vallejo does some nice tone similar to figuarts tone.
    For the brush I have to buy the most fine I find like 3/0 I think.
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    When trying to match colors I usually start from a color that is close to the target tone and adjust it until satisfied. For example in your case I would probably start with flesh and adjust it by trial and error with other colors (white, yellow, orange, red, brown, etc.).
    As for the brand, I work mainly with Tamiya acrylics because that's what they sell at the store I go to but I hear a lot of people use Vallejo so they're probably OK too.

    Also, if you plan to buy your paint at a brick and mortar hobby store, you could bring some of your figures with you and show them to a salesperson. If they have a trained eye they could give you some recommendations on what to choose for the mix.
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