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MFCAre PLUM figures any good?

Shadow29Shadow292 месяца назадMFC

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    spinners_grove (2 месяца назад) #70217753I like her a lot! I think the contrast between pearlescent and matte paint works really well, her staff is lovely, and the translucent plastic for her shawl doesn't look cheap. The gold details are carefully painted. She's also not expensive, so although she might not be as impressive as other scales, I think she's very cute and worth the money. I got her for around $80?
    I can pull her out of my case and take some photos if you'd like.
    I didn't even realized she had a figure, she looks so cute! I love the colors. I would be happy with photos but I wouldn't want you to exert yourself just for that also :) Thank you very much.
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