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Spare Parts[Hunting] Alphonse Elric left shoulder part

DuwangChewDuwangChew10 месяцев назадSpare Parts

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  • DuwangChewRegular Boarder
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    10 месяцев назад
    I literally just got this nendoroid, [url=]ITEM #549381[/url] the day of making this thread, and like a dumbass, I snapped the shoulder part trying to remove it. I know the figure is fairly new, and it isn't likely for such a specific part to be available, but if you are willing to sell it, I'm more than willing to buy!
  • LilyncatRegular Boarder
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    9 месяцев назад • Обновлено 9 месяцев назад

    Could you send me a picture of the break ??
    I have a spare Al body which might have suitable parts, depending on what the break is like :)
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