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Nendo Loversnendoroid panties?

chaiveschaives1 год назадNendo Lovers

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  • chaivesRegular Boarder
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    1 год назад
    hi! i'm new to MFC and i hope that this is the right place + the right way for this discussion! there's no lewd reason behind this either, i swear!!! ;;
    i make custom nendoroids on commission. i'm not the best at sculpting, so i usually get the job done by gathering all the right parts + repainting them (if necessary) to fit the character i've been commissioned to create! i've been getting a few commission requests for girl characters/ocs, and i've noticed that people often request a specific type of underwear for their custom nendoroid to wear + even offer to pay extra for it. i dunno, it must be an important characteristic of their oc or something?
    i know that most nendoroid girls have simple white underwear + most reviews don't go over the undergarments of their nendo, so it can be hard to locate specific types when they're requested (bloomers, frilly undies, etc). it would be great if you guys could help me out + let me know if you know of any nendoroids that don't have the typical white panties! thank you so much!
  • mezamizuRegular Boarder
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    1 год назад
    The 2017 snow miku /item/423596 has frilly looking panties (both on her standing and sitting lower halves. if that helps at all .-.
    Apologies for taking a long time to ship out items, more personal issues, 2019 is not my year .-.
    (With USPS price changes, if you paid the shipping invoice prior to the change date, and I ship after the price change, I will not charge extra)
    Hunting: LIST #105903 <3
  • AvolionRegular Boarder
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    9 месяцев назад
    Wow, didn't know people actually cared that much about them, especially on Nendos, this was interesting.
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