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Seishoujo FTWFigures Of The Band?

RockGodItachiRockGodItachi1 год назадSeishoujo FTW

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  • 3 ответа
  • RockGodItachiRegular Boarder
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    • 5 лет назад
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    • United Kingdom
    1 год назад
    Hey guys!

    Just unboxed this beauty!

    I love her but I was also thinking do you see Dragon Toy making the other members from Sei Nihon line?

    If they were to do so who would you want to have the most?


    Or Honoka?

    I think I'd want Honka the most, don't get me wrong I love the coolness of Saotome but I really love the energy Honoka has in this pose, in fact this would be the pose I'd want as a figure! Of course want probably buy both and would be even more excited to see if we get a drummer added to the band!
  • SelvariaRegular Boarder
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    • 1 год назад
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    1 год назад
    Great review!, I saw one of the pics you posted in your video, Iriza is truly huge.
  • DarkHentaiXRegular Boarder
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    • 4 года назад
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    • The Netherlands
    1 год назад
    I do see Dragon Toy making the other members of Sei Nihon line. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't.

    As for who I want to have most, tough choice, I like both of them. I am happy either way who Dragon Toy will make.

    "May the Force serve you well."
  • 3 ответа
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