Отзывы Otaku Square

1★ - Update: They r bankrupt - Order missing 8 months after release
NEW Update: Just received an email: they are bankrupt. Some liquidator contacted me.

Update: called them, they created ticket which worked for 1 day, then it was closed. Opened PayPal complaint, never received a response, activated paypal protection, 20 days later still no response, money back. They do not even care for PayPal complaints. Let's see how long it takes until my account is banned on their site. Probably only a couple of days. Will update here.
Original post:
Ordered with them in early March a figure which was released in Japan in December. I expected it to arrive in April/May. Started to contact them via mail form in June and asked regular for updates, but I never got a response. Last step is try calling them, but it looks like PayPal complaint is the only solution.
Just don't use them. They are not cheap enough to make that up to it.
11 месяцев назад
3★ - Can no longer log in to account
I can no longer log in to my account.
I've received my orders from them, but this seems fishy.
11 месяцев назад
1★ - Thank goodness
All I can say is: Thank goodness this shop has gone out of business!
Otaku Square failed to provide customer service, communicate with customers or even keep a steady line of digital newsletters to consumers.
After robbing me of €44/$66 CAD they refused to refund me or even explain the reason for ignoring and blocking me.
Shame on you Otaku Square.
11 месяцев назад
1★ - Bankrupt. Don't order from them ever
Leaving a review since I just noticed they have been categorized as bankrupt on the official Chamber of Commerce NL (KvK) and register. DONT BUY FROM THEM.
I still have 3 orders I have yet to receive, but at this point I probably never will...
11 месяцев назад
1★ - Terrible Shop, do not order with them
I've been trying to contact them about an order for about two months now. Phone number on their website does not work (it's a VOIP number). They don't answer their emails.

The website is trash, login has been broken for at least half a year.

Prices are high, and they don't respect their 30 days return policy.
If a figure is delayed, they don't notify customers. They use the cheapest shipping service there is (I was not called or notified that the delivery guy was at my house).

At this point, they're no better than scammers.
1 год назад
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