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Ningen Life

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Ningen Life
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Shop was formerly known as Anime Blvd or Animeblvd

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Express your character, save money and become phenomenal.
Fall in love with your passion and live out your expressions. Being apart of Ningen Life is more than just buying cool and cute products, we are a community and a lifestyle that empowers you to express your character passions while saving you money.
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Updated information - April 2018


Love this site.

This shop is awesome! I just received my 4th nendoroid (itachi) with them. What can i say? hmm this is the first online shop i bought from, because they offer free shipping on orders over 35US$ which is almost the price range for nendoroid , so you won't have to worry about shipping costs. The release on pre orders is delayed though for 2-4weeks considering the shop is located in the USA. I understand that the products take some time to get here in the USA, and also their customer service is wonderful always have been nice and helpful to me. Looking forward to ordering more figures from you guys. Please continue your great service to us. hehehe. -rdrjcorrales@yahoo.com
14 дней назад
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