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Ningen Life

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Ningen Life
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Shop was formerly known as Anime Blvd or Animeblvd

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Express your character, save money and become phenomenal.
Fall in love with your passion and live out your expressions. Being apart of Ningen Life is more than just buying cool and cute products, we are a community and a lifestyle that empowers you to express your character passions while saving you money.
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Updated information - April 2018


Very pleasant experience

This was my first time purchasing from Ningenlife. I was browsing the comments on some of my want list figures and noticed that Ningenlife was the only shop to have the Tsume Hinata Hyuuga (Item #486161) in stock at retail price (Plus free shipping!). After browsing some reviews (On this very thread no less) I decided to purchase the figure and had no problems whatsoever. The item was packaged in a large box (Maybe 50% bigger than the figure's box itself) surrounded by air-cushions, so the box came in pristine condition. I highly recommend them!
5 месяцев назад
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