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Anime Blvd
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First and foremost, we are a U.S base company and only sell 100% Authentic and Licensed products imported from Japan and from authorized distributors. We do not carry or sell any type of bootlegged or counterfeit products in our store. We verify and guarantee all of our items before stock, sell and ship for authenticity, so all of our customers can feel safe and secure about their purchase.

We at Anime Blvd are a bunch of nerds, geeks, convention junkies and Anime freaks! We love all things that are cute, fun, and especially Japanese! Our goal is to spread the Otaku culture throughout world, one cute figure toy at a time. You will see us at many cons and gatherings; and we are always looking for new friends, partners and like minded people.

Lastly, we sell and ship worldwide and we also do price matching, just contact our customer service representative at cs@animeblvd.com if you find a better price elsewhere!

Follow us on our social media pages for giveaways and coupons!

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Good service but bad packaging

Checkout was fast and easy, the figure I wanted was a great price, and shipping was really fast. But when the package arrived, the box it shipped in wasn't taped all the way (only one loose strip of tape across the top and bottom). When I opened it, it looked like someone had set something heavy down on the figure's box, so the front of it was caved in and dented. The figure itself is fine and undamaged, but I'm a perfectionist about my figures' boxes. I'm not sure if this was the fault of Anime Blvd themselves or the post office, but either way I wasn't happy with that at all.
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