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  • Amazing Shop!

    I always love buying at AmiAmi. they have almost everything you're looking for for really goof priced. The customer service is always on point and i never experienced a bad thing with them!
    13 дней назад
  • Still number one?

    AmiAmi is considered one of the top Japanese based figure sellers by many, myself included. They usually have all the new releases up for pre-order though not some shop exclusives but this is really not in their control. Their used figure selection gets the majority of my business and over the years business has been good. I have most of my collection thanks to them. I love them.
    But here lately the affection is somewhat wavering. Why? Well one of the first things I noticed was that in the past their pre-order prices use to be below the (suggested) retail price that is listed here on MFC but lately they have been above and sometimes quite a bit above that given price. This could be whoever is adding the price here on MFC's error but being that I'm seeing it more frequently I have to wonder if it is AmiAmi who has raised their prices. I see stuff cheaper elsewhere sometimes.
    Another issue I've had as well as other users have had is that they use to be on top of processing their orders very quickly. Now you go onto their site and see that they have that figure you pre-ordered listed as released but lo an behold you have not received an invoice for it. The first time this happened I waited a few days and then sent them an email asking them why I haven't received it yet. They were quick to respond (they are always very responsive by the way and this is why I give their customer service rating 10 stars) and they said sorry and that they would send it soon. A day later they did. I know that the excuse of the pandemic is valid but honestly is it still? During 2020 when it was at it's peak I never had this delay on invoices happen. Not even once. So why is it happening now? Maybe a system issue? The last order I got I waited patiently again for the invoice and got nothing after 7 days so I ended up just adding a cheap item to the order and the next day they sent the invoice for payment. This is what some have come to call the 'fix'. I don't want to force them to make me pay! I don't want to buy even more stuff when I am already paying quite a lot in the first place for the item and the shipping. This is almost boarder lining on some kind of sales gimmick where they are getting people to buy even more stuff just to get what they already ordered. Surely not though right? Right? What ever is going on I'm just saying that here recently they have not been quite up to their previous standards when it comes to requesting payment and it's a little worrying. The price of figures have gone up (not their fault?), the price of shipping has gone up (really not their fault), shipping is slower and now AmiAmi is having problems with processing orders in a timely manor like they have done so for all the years I have used them. It's not a great time to have these issues AmiAmi.
    I seriously never thought I would give them anything but a 5 star rating.
    I still love them. I will still continue to use them. But with as much business I have given them throughout the years I think I am permitted my opinion of them. And here lately my opinion is that they need to get their business back up to the standards that they are well known for or they will run the risk of losing that number one spot that a lot of people hold for them.

    4 stars.
    1 месяц назад
  • Good shipping carriers and products, SLOW shipping times

    I've got 3 orders with them at the time of writing this. 1 has been delivered, took 5.5 months to receive. One was a preorder, which they send you the bill for once it arrives in their warehouse. I only choose the sea saver option to mail to US, and once it arrives here it goes through UPS. Great shipping company to go through, but it is a bit expensive. Last order I am completely unsure of it's status. I've paid the shipping and everything, and it's said Processing Shipping for the past 3 months, so I'm assuming it's in transit somewhere, but unable to actually track it.

    The only real big negatives I can think for Amiami are:
    -Their site is terrible. TOM has a far better site to navigate, hopefully Amiami keeps trying to make the site better.
    -Their updates on shipping. I NEVER receive a notice when something ships from JP, and only get the notice once it arrives in the US. So for 4-5 months it sits on their site as "Processing Shipping" then will just be in the US one day.
    -Their shipping speed is super slow.
    -Payment options. Being from the US, I have 1 option, Paypal. So my cost is determined by whatever Paypal decides their current exchange rate is.
    2 месяца назад
  • fuck yeah

    amiami is the best shop out there.
    shipping is a nightmare but customer service is on point. amiami is the best for pre-orders since they don't take your money upfront.
    4 месяца назад
  • mandu420 chika fujiwara simp
    Great Store with nice prices

    Trustworthy store! The only thing that's annoying is probably the shipping.
    4 месяца назад
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