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From the looks of it I may seem fairly new but please don't be mistaken! Albeit starting this hobby rather fresh, I've known and researched about it for quite some time. In this profile you will find a plethora of posts of me asking random to silly questions. It's really just for my personal interest in this amazing community. I will also be creating figure reviews for each figure I collect. I'm truthfully thankful for each collector for giving me inspiration to collect as a form of art. It means the world to me.

— please don't mind my presence in your articles! I love each and every one of them since I'm really just a curious bean who loves this hobby more than ever.

Originally I used to only collect manga and I had my eye on figure collecting but believed it would be difficult to begin if I didn't know much about the hobby. Thus, I've dedicated some time in order to fully immerse myself into it.

Unfortunately that still doesn't exempt me from minor flaws. Such as possibly getting lower shipping for using GSC US instead of the online shop!

I hope to expand further in my collection. It's rather minimal now because I'm rather picky on how a certain figure should look. The figure should bear resemblance to the character and have minimal flaws. I don't feel as connected to a prize figure, nendo or figma as I do with scales or statues. Currently, I'm exploring collecting more as I go. I hope to get some figure action on characters that I love!

Currently waiting for Good Smile to unveil some sort scale of Kaede some day! Trust me, it will happen eventually.





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Young Master
Honestly, the old classics like Courage the Cowardly Dog to the newbies like She Ra and the princesses of power.
Kuroshitsuji and Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun will forever hold a place in my heart as my favourite manga. Kagerou Daze is one, if not the only light novel I truly love. Currently I'm reading the danganronpa light novels.
The danganronpa franchise is truly a favourite of mine. Mario has always been my childhood favourite and even now it holds a special place in my heart.
Indie to sooth my hippie heart

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