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To continue my carnivorous figure-collecting hobby, I have mortgaged off all of my property and sold all my belongings. My current residence is the backyard of some "loud" couple. I have however, managed to hang onto the shipping cardboard boxes (which I turned into a makeshift shelter), a dakimakura pillow, and a Detolf to keep my figures safe. To keep up with everything and access MFC, I use my local library, free internet (lols)! I regret nothing.

Jokes aside, I love figure collecting although my selves have long run dry of space to display everything. My interest tends to lean towards traditional style outfits and whatever floats the boat. Not too much biases towards a certain company but Native takes the cake in the ero department.

Anime blog >Blogspot
Anime list >MAL

Figure sales >linky linky
Simply PM me up if you're interested... or want to chat. Wall comments are always welcome!

MFC users I've pleasantly traded with in the past:
Luka-nyan ITEM #25115 ITEM #27944, S
Road ITEM #41616 ITEM #42027, S
Sk_Alchemist_ll ITEM #78406, B
Springroll ITEM #72330, S
Modernist ITEM #42033, S
TheRiceMonster ITEM #78917, S
Febreeze ITEM #117506, GO
SirSlarty ITEM #42033, B
sethELT ITEM #61728, S
hieijagan09 ITEM #27603, S
milkmandan ITEM #27603, B

PS. I don't have a cat. I stole that picture from somewhere.
head bobbing goodness

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DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
2 года назад
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
3 года назад
Happy Birthday Tinydevil
3 года назад
oh and oops, I said west side of pa when I meant east..^^" I get the directions messed up easily @@" sorry!!!
4 года назад
tinydevil (4 года назад) #1481976Luls, I can relate with the eating but I don't gain weight, ever. Due to switching majors and a other reasons, I wasn't able to. It still bothers today. Hey being an animator is pretty sweet. But we won't know its you unless the credit says "kadacho" :P
I studied engineering and dream to be a roller coaster designer (structural department). Things happened and I seriously strayed from this goal. I'm still looking for opportunities and will resume this dream when my life is more settled.

Lucky!!! I gain weight really easily, so I try to get excersize in every day. I used to hate it, but I enjoy it by now! Being an animator is my dream!!! I really love both Japanese style animation and American style, and this may sound really stupidl but for a while now I have been feeling bad about drawing anime..I know this is a stupid thought, but I have tried focusing on American comics out of the fact that I feel bad for drawing anime style (because I am Caucasian) it's really stupid, yet it sticks with me somehow..I might use kadacho as a handle name...or my real name, or I like the name camellia!

wow! that's really interesting! honestly though, I don't like roller coasters very much ;0; I loooove amusement parks, but roller coasters scare me! I like calming and nice rides. I hope you will get on track to reach your goal soon! I hope it all works out ^^ you have plenty of time!
4 года назад
tinydevil (4 года назад) #1477007They ARE for some reason. When traveling, the adjusting to a place's culture and adjusting again when moving somewhere else feels super super fun and awesome :D
Your plans sounds wonderful, definitely study abroad when you get the chance. It beats stuck at a college or uni for 4+ years. And all the food to try.

that's true ^^
have you studied abroad? I would love to! I have a very specific plan for college, but I have planned out that I will study in Japan for the second year. It is my dream to study to become an animator ^^~ how about you?
I loooooove food! maybe a little too much...@@; it's why I am a pile of goooooop!
4 года назад
tinydevil (4 года назад) #1476620Blue hair figures give a refreshing and watery feel that I do like. Although my favorite color is orange which isn't reflected anywhere in my collection.
I live on the east side of PA. Speaking of Cali, there are so many events that go on over there that makes me grrrrrrrrr. When I have the money I'd freely spend a year living there and Japan. Japan for all the anime things, unique culture, foods, and girls *cough* :)

that's true! blue is so refreshing and beach-y!

oh, how cool! I have a few friends living there-but I have not been there!
I want to live in cali in the future! I love Japan, but I think the mentality of the people would be too different for me to get used to unfortunately :<..but I love their culture, food, and their people are beautiful! I think the Japanese people are very beautiful! I would love to travel there often! I plan on going there in a year for school ^^
4 года назад
tinydevil (4 года назад) #1476350Maybe the first part of your about section gave it away but just maybe. It can be your ultra pink room too hahah.
But alright! High five for east coast!

ah- I see! Is your favorite color blue by any chance ^^? I ask because of your amount of cute blue haired girls!

by the way, do you live on the east side of PA or west? I'm on the west >< but I wish I lived in Cali! It seems many people on this website also seem to live there ^^
4 года назад
tinydevil (4 года назад) #1475537ありがとう, I like the spirallyness design of her hair, it really stands out. Your collection is huge and rather unique too :)
And I don't know, this is very strange... somethings telling me pink is your favorite color.

awe, that makes me so honored //w//!

and yes! my favorite color is pink!! how did you know??? ^^
also we seem to live in the same state! ( I saw by your sales)
4 года назад
wow!!! cute collection! I see some really unique pvc's here! <3 ITEM #44 this one is beautiful! simply stunning!!
4 года назад
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