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Happy birthday, old friend!
1 месяц назад
Happy birthday! =)
1 год назад
Happy birthday! Hope you're well!
1 год назад
Thworsh Blacksmith Legend
How have ya been? Long time no contact. Wondering if you bought any Vampirella statues lately? I recently picked up www.bigbadtoyst... and, to my surprise, she came out awesome! Same as prototype if not better!
2 года назад
Happy belated birthday! (^-^)/
3 года назад
Happy birthday, hope it's awesome!
3 года назад
Happy belated birthday!
3 года назад
You've been embracing your inner ninja for some time now! No worries; I imagine you've been busy. I was clearing out my Amazon wishlist when I saw that I still hadn't picked up Astronautalis which, in turn, prompted me to spin up your mix album that inspired it. I've been enjoying it for the last hour or so I figured I'd say "yo" for old time's sake. No need to feel obliged to respond; I just wanted to ping you and say that I hope everything is well and that life is all around excellent. Cheers!
3 года назад
Happy birthday! =D
4 года назад
Happy birthday! It's been eons; hope you're well!
4 года назад
Live better. Play more!

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