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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
3 года назад
Hello, how are you? I like your collection ^^
5 лет назад
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Kuro nendo for 3k unopened
6 лет назад
All of your moe point are mine!!!!!! Is Saya no Uta not one of the greatest VNs of all time?
6 лет назад
bomhat because I'm batman
sweetReaper7 лет назад#1732051Not sure if you take requests here, but I would LOVE to have you draw Astarotte for me <3 If you do paid commissions I will pay ya for a few :3

heyy sorry about the late reply. commission info --> blog/5954&amp;b...
7 лет назад
your inbox is full. I have an amiami account so I have to ask my friend first.
7 лет назад
Thank you. c:
7 лет назад
your inbox is full>.< still have madoka?
7 лет назад
sweetReaper7 лет назад#1373213Hey! My boyfriend and I remembered that you had mentioned a game that was similar to Minecraft that was pretty good. What was the name of it? Thanks! Hope all is well!

Hello, Everything is going good down here, I hope everything is going well for you two too! The game is a Mod/extension of Minecraft, but there are a bunch of versions. Tekkit is the most popular to my knowledge and a good place to start since building things is a lot more easy. I just started playing FeedTheBeast which is basically Tekkit but with more things thrown in, like the ability to build trains! (: The downside is building things requires a lot more resources and not all the recipes are integrated into the recipe module in minecraft so you will have to tab back and forth between a browser and minecraft. There are even more mods than this like VOLT, you can try youtubing some of them to get a preview of what they're like. I recommend Sjin's playthroughs.
7 лет назад
Yep, I did receive a mail with the tracking information. ^^
Posting it here because your inbox is full.
7 лет назад
Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com

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