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My name is Parker. I'm 28. I am a baseball player at heart, and hope to be in practice for years to come. This summer I was back in Sweden; it was a fantastic experience last year so I played another season there. I recently completed my entry training for the Army, so I'll begin my military work soon! I had wanted to serve for a long, long time, and I'm very happy, having finally made it a reality.

I'm 6'1'' and 190-198 pounds, I like most sports including baseball, hockey, NASCAR, golf, football, and volleyball. Golf and volleyball are the only sports other than baseball that I actually play.

I have a few hobbies other than figure collecting; I collect militaria, and I collect and shoot historic military firearms; I'm also a huge fan of military history. Other hobbies include bass guitar, light novels and manga, and a few other things. I am also a novice chef, if there is such a thing. I love coffee, tea, and most hot drinks, and enjoy going to the local tea shop with some of my friends.

I enjoy good company, and making lasting friendships. Don't be afraid to contact me, for any reason! :)

Strike Witches, Clannad, Pani Poni Dash, Gunslinger Girl, Amagami SS, Angel Beats!, Spice & Wolf, The Mentalist, House, and many others.
Book Girl, Kieli & Strawberry Panic
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Online Mahjong
Bows/ribbons, tsundere, small chest, quiet and sweet.
U2, most other classic rock, some hard rock, etc.
Dell desktop and Acer Aspire One laptop



Everytime I'm in public transport, I see at least one parent that has shoved an tablet/smartphone with videos playing in the hands of the child or in a holder in the stroller. :x Technology can be good, but it just comes across so much as lazy parenting. Just let the them watch videos all day...I mean, TV also existed when I was growing up myself, but it was a lot more monitored, as it was at one spot in the house we would have to share. Nowadays everything is a TV. >.< Sorry for my old lady rambles again. xD

That remind me of:


Oh yeah, you told me before and I forgot, sorry! I personally always try to keep artist and art seperate. If I wouldn't do that, I would probably hate almost every actor and never watch a movie. xD So I apply the same to (2D) artists and rather not delve too much into their personal story.

Where I live for sure, Apple is more like a status symbol, just like holding a cup of Starbucks.

I used to have this old and outdated Windows Phone, put it in storage because I got an smartphone, smartphone broke after a few years and now I'm using the old Windows Phone again. Old technology takes many years to break, while most smartphone start showing their first problems in ~2 years time, with most of them actually dying in 3-4 years unless they get refurbished.

My favorite phone that I had for a really long time was this one:


If Motorola were ever to make those again, I would be willing to shell out quite some cash for it. :P

Ahah, I'm understanding it more now. So it's more like, you 75% (or similar percentage) live and work as a civilian, but are always ready to help the army when needed (and your civilian jobs knows of this too?). Very different from how it works over here!
2 дня назад
Yeah, I notice it with friends of coworkers and friends: They only find out their kid has a new social media profile somewhere, when someone points it out. Yikes, they should at least make all that stuff 16+... Personally I think it would be good if you raise kids with a 'technology free' day once a week (even I do it, mostly on saturdays or sundays). That way they can also appreciate to learn things like crafts, know how it is to help in the household, read a book etc. :)

So, what do you think about ITEM #676240 and ITEM #676072 from last Wonfes? :) I think that 1/4 bunny will look amazing with the recent Victory Arrow bunny's. :)

Reminds me of being 'invited' to one of their 'small business' related workshops to get on the Apple market with your Android games, and after that getting slapped in the face it would cost us $1750 each person to attend a 4-hour lecture. Yeah, uh no. Most companies have those marketing-related lectures (that serve as the purpose to gain new customers), for a small entrance free, or ask for a small fee for use of services, getting food etc. And then they act all surprised why Android is the more popular platform to publish games on? :P

My current Windows-phone is close to death and I'm not sure what I'm going to do as replacement. I could either get the few years old Sony Xperia from my dad (which is a very decent Android device) or I will buy a flipphone. I'm so nostalgic for flipphones. Not sure yet if I would go for a 'smart' flipphone or regular cheapo one.

If you don't mind me asking again (as this stuff is very different from how the army works over here), you have a regular job, which is assigned by the army? And then you can choice a direction or preferred profession for that job? (If yes, then the system is quite similar to the Netherlands and I understand better. :) ) Anyway, it sounds very diverse and interesting what you do! ^^
5 дней назад
When it comes to subjects like that, I am so glad to not be raising children in this day and age... You wouldn't want to ban technology from them, but you have to be super careful with it. Especially with all the social media nowadays. It's also really though on people I know with teenage kids, because nowadays for certain school subjects they must have a laptop or tablet.

Did you by the way have anything from Wonfes that are must-buys for you? Or things that surprised you? I'm almost done with reading/looking at all the announcements I missed and so far my only 'must pre-order' is ITEM #675943 to match my Red for nostalgic reasons. :)

Yeah, I also really dislike Apple. :P Only Apple product I ever bought was an iPod Classic 10+ years ago and even though I loved the design and huge amount of storage space, it was always a hassle to just charge the thing or add/remove things on it. >.< I'm quite a big Android fan, even though my phone is also a Windows Phone lol. Too bad that the Windows Phone market is quite dead. Microsoft tries their best to find people willing to make games and apps for their devices, it's quite sad. >.< Not that the Windows phones were a flop, but they are absolitely not popular for smartphone-related companies to work with. We also don't venture into that market as we think it would be too much work for what we could possibly earn with it. :X

If you don't mind me asking: What kind of army are you in? :O I'm absolutely not an expert on how everything works in the USA. And I hope you had a nice few days off! :)
14 дней назад
The good thing smartphones did for me was weed out fake friends and they are a good indicator of how likable a person is (glued to smartphone all the time = nope). Personally I also do think it's not that good for everyone to have a super computer that can do everything in their pocket. I long back to the days where computers could only be in a house and 'outside time' was really 'outside time'. Sorry for my rambles, I must seems like an old lady yelling 'get off my lawn'! :^)

You could think about buying the new Super Nintendo? It's not as nostalgic as the real thing of course, but considering the age of the real things, it's probably good to buy a 'back up console' to make sure you can continue playing those games. :)

Welp, we make smartphone and tablet games. Yeah I know, it clashes with my own philosophy. :) Still I want to provide fun games for the new generations and I hope our games do so. :) Do you have any Android devices? That's currently our market, but we want to branch out to Apple too!

Oh, I expected you quit the army for your new job, but you actually do 3 things at once now? Wow! I hope you still find some time to relax every now and then. :)
18 дней назад
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Yep, that it was! I remember getting Konata online all those years ago still! :D
18 дней назад
I still have a 10-year old mobile phone. :') All smartphone-related stuff I can either do on my laptop or tablet anyway, so it's not like you 'need' a smartphone. And it's quite liberating not having to be online always. ;)

My husband has a lot more free time for games than I have and we only had outdated consoles, so the gaming PC is something we really wanted already for multiple years. :) And once the PC gets outdated, I think we will buy a new generation console again. And differentiate between PC gaming and console gaming. :)

I put a really big description on it in my profile info, but long story short, I'm a Business Development Manager at a small game company. Which is super fun to do, but it has a lot of tasks and work load! You congrats on your new position too! What do you do for work nowadays? :)
23 дня назад
Thank u <3
25 дней назад
CookieCatz is a Ma'am, I believe. And I think she gave up the hobby a few years back.

I myself have seen it many times, but I to have fallen out of the hobby somewhat.
28 дней назад
spasepeepole026 (1 месяц назад) #30933315Oh look at that! Looks like a pretty intense piece of equipment. My laptop is old, but it does just what I need it too :) I allocate my resources to different stuff, but as long as it makes you happy, make it happen! I hope you have been well, and thank you for your patience! :)

Go big or go home, haha! We don't buy much new electronic equipment (we use the same tv's, phones etc. for a long time), but when we buy something new, we want the best thing out there. :) And then use it for many many years, haha!

The new PC is pretty much 90% used by my husband and 10% for me (the little bit of free time I have for games lol), I still use an average specs laptop for most of my daily things. As long as it's not for gaming, you don't need crazy computers, haha!

I hope you have been well, too! For me a lot of things have changed, as I started a new (and very busy!) job 2 months ago, but I love it a lot. :) Way better than my previous job so I'm in general more happy. :)
1 месяц назад
spasepeepole026 (1 месяц назад) #30905493Hooray :) Did you do anything fun?
I had a very good meal and spent some time with a friend. Not extraordinary, but I had fun
1 месяц назад
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