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Marco-Kun Sonico lover
I will definitely enjoy her when I finally will get her! It won't be this year I guess. I have more
orders running there and I'm not paying everything at once.

Ya, it's a shame.. But I still like her for being a catgirl ^^
There really needs to be a Sonico catgirl figure... That would be my best figure ever.

singularitylocus6 лет назад#1844741I hope you enjoy your Super Big Sonico! That figure you linked is nice, it's a shame she isn't anatomically correct.
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
I didn't let the size keep me! I didn't cancel my preorder. It will still take a while before I get her though.

I will probably still display her cast off, at least her top. Not sure yet about her bottom area yet because of the barbie-like features. But at least I can display her nice upper body ^^

I have another pretty big figure with no details down below: ITEM #105040
I do have her fully cast off but because of her angle, you cannot see it anyway, unless you look from behind. With this big Sonico figure, it's another story.

singularitylocus6 лет назад#1833114She does dominate the other figures but she is also unique in being so big. She should be displayed as a small statue and not just another figure. I wouldn't let her size keep you from buying her unless you have no space to display her.
I am disappointed that she is barbie-like. If she were anatomically correct, I probably would cut the swimsuit off and let her be full nude. I have another figure that's barbie-like and I regret taking her clothes off because it doesn't work. A full nude figure should be anatomically correct. But I like this Sonico for her impressive size.
6 лет назад
I received my Rika figure earlier this week and finally took some photos of her today. Since I was displaying Rika in her raw glory, I thought I would display of few of my other nude figures too and snap some photos of them too.
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
So it's only a 'force' cast off? Cannot put it back after that? Which I wouldn't mind as I would display her cast off anyway. The barbie like features bother me though for that price.

I'm considering of cancelling my pre-order. She would totally overshadow my other figures. Don't you have that? Perhaps I can get her later .. I'm still not sure yet!
singularitylocus6 лет назад#1831847Her swimsuit doesn't cast off. I've tried and the pieces of the swimsuit look glued together so I can't take it off without damaging the swimsuit. Another user posted some photos of his 1/2 Sonico with the clothes off and she does appear to be barbie-like. If she were easy to cast off, I would definitely take some intimate photos of her but I don't want to cut her clothes off at least not yet.
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
I see that you have the 1/2 sonico and you made some photos! Are you happy with her?
Can you maybe make some detailed photos from her cast off, in particular her private parts? I'm curious if it's barbie like ^_^
6 лет назад
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
7 лет назад
Welcome to the board singularitylocus! :)

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