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shinjik4 года назад#17927016I'm always happy to help in any way I can ^_^ This new figure from e2046, they promise to open pre-orders this month. And I really love KawoShin couple <3

Aaaaw, thankyou!! I will stare at e2046's page! I AM SO MUCH GOING TO PRE-ORDER IT ♥ Im actually quite sad that they and their work seem to be... somehow... forbidden here? I love to add figures to the wish/ordered/-list and their work is so great... thanks for the information and the FR!
4 года назад
Thankyou so much for the Mandarake link! And in general all your Sailor Moon Information ♥! I follow you on twitter and the newest Tweet with the Sailor Moon-Figure of the promo-poster took my breath away. SO SO PRETTY!

And you are also a KawoShin-Supporter! If you don't mind... I've sent you an FR >////w////< ♥
4 года назад
Thank you for FR :)
4 года назад
kilani Sayaka Rank
Can you explain these to me? picture/1491961...

I don't really get them, are they folders? How big are they? = w =
4 года назад
Hey there! (⌒▽⌒) Спасибо for accepting my FR! I've actually never sent out a FR myself, but your Sailor Moon collection is simply so amazing and inspiring, I just had to! (・∀・)
I'm also following you on Twitter btw! Nice account! (^u^)
Lots of greetings (^^)/~~~
5 лет назад
shinjik5 лет назад#3258086EBay www.ebay.com/it...

thank you! :)
5 лет назад
I've been looking everywhere for the 20t anniversary glasses! Where did you buy them from?! :3 thx!
5 лет назад
5 лет назад
Hi there!! Just wanted to tell you that you have an AMAZING collection! I'm so jealous :D
I'm a Sailor Moon fan as well, but can't afford all of the merchandise lol just some little things as I'm a chibi fan.
What are your thoughts regarding the Petit Chara Deluxe by Megahouse? I can see you've ordered her!! I'll look forward to seeing your pictures when you get her ^^ (Love your pictures as well!!)
Take care!!
5 лет назад
aww how nice findin someone who is so addicted to sailor moon and eva aswell ,luv your Asukas :)
6 лет назад
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