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obvault (1 год назад) #25623079Hey, your inbox is full so I guess I'll leave the PM about your sale here if that's ok;
Question about SALE #136132
Hello, I'm definitely interested in your sale, so aside from the aforementioned scuffs and paint transfer she's basically in just-opened condition? I can't really make out the depth from the photo, about how deep is the paint transfer scratch? And may I see some pictures of the awkwardness in the cast offs (I know they do this, just curious), the areas around/under the cast offs, and her snowboard? Thank you in advance
hi, thanks for letting me know! I have someone interested in purchasing the figure already, but if the buyer changes their mind I will let you know and send more pics :) thanks for your interest!
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Figures, Goodies and Dakimakura shop.


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