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Not as active as I have been before, unfortunately.

When I am here, I like to manage my Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney collection and do whatever I can to help with the database.

When I'm not here, I like to work on my PC games backlog and collecting achievements.

I like chatting with people, so go ahead and send me a message!




Kaneel on Ice

i just wanted to quickly note you that i did read your question but i'm currently unable to answer it properly.
I'm working retail in a supermarket and i guess you can imagine how crazy it is there right now. Once i find enough time to sit down and formulate a proper answer i'll do that, so long i'd like to ask for a bit of patience.

6 месяцев назад
neutralparadox2 года назад#32520016Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерIt probably arrived a week or so before posting the article but I was sick and couldn't pick the package up :< I had to share that poster with the world though. And then I can't go around collecting shit for one series and then never show my collection to the world, so that was also a reason to post the article haha :p
Edit: What the hell is this reply system, apparently you don't quote people when you try to reply to them lol

Oh dear, I hope you feel better now! ;v; That article was fantastic, I love your display so much! The organization of everything is such goals haha. Happy to see some other users liked it as well because you certainly deserve the praise! (≡^∇^≡)
2 года назад
neutralparadox2 года назад#32272459I went and uploaded this: BLOG #39746
Thank you so much!! <3

Yay, it's finally arrived! \o/ I'm sorry I forgot to reply to the PM btw ><"
Awww shoot you shouldn't have, but it's so sweet of you :D Glad you enjoy the stuff. <3
2 года назад
neutralparadox2 года назад#29651964HELLO! It's been quite a while, how's it going? I'm so sorry for never answering you, I've just been too busy nowadays and this site is such a mess now that I'm getting a headache just logging in. I mean, of course you need to update a website sometimes to make it more modern, but in this case they're basically ruining everything that made it practical instead >_>
I'm just over here trying to survive school, practicing to get my drivers license, and just trying to live healthy but even just doing that is exhausting since it always being so dark outside makes you so tired :s Maybe Sweden isn't the right country for me to live in haha
I'm even too tired to really play video games, but I did play the new Danganronpa game and mostly just thought that it was weird... but what Danganronpa game isn't. :p
How is your life? Anything fun happening recently? ^^

Heeey girl!!

It's so good to be hearing from you! Seriously made my day! oh believe me I know how busy life can be, so I appreciate even more whenever people take some time off to talk to me but I'm in no way mad if you can't do it ^-^/ but I really am happy that you remembered me hahaha! <3

Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to be hearing about all those things annoying you and making you feel down/sick ;;; And I’m even more sorry because I can’t really relate, to be completely honest I like the v4 update LOL and my physical AND mental powers are at their peak under gray skies. XD So I’m sorry for not really being able to give you advice but it seems like you’re taking care of yourself already and I’m glad! You’re so smart and organized and responsible; no way in hell will you let anything keep you down! \\\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶////

Oh girl about driver’s licenses and Danganronpa. Lmao can’t believe you mention two things that are so relevant to me right now!

I’m the same as you, trying to survive until February when there’s a break of university classes at least, will still need to write a long ass essay that I still haven’t decided what it should be about and it’s totally time right now to be discussing it with the teachers so I’m just a tad panicky lmao, so there’s that!

Anyway, I should still be able to be more chill with my new job then – started this month in a laser tag- & escape room facility! I'm literally playing Zero Escape irl and get paid for it, what a dream!

Next to my essay and job I want to get my driver’s license in February too, already registered in schools! Buuut I think I’m several years older than you, haha, just never got around to do it! How are you keeping up? Is it fun for you? :3 Always exciting and terrifying to be hearing someone’s fresh experiences on a thing you can’t escape doing yourself soon as well, pahaha!

So Feb is pretty full but when essay/driving lessons are over I want to up ballet from once to twice a week because we're starting en pointe and WOW MY FEET ARE NOT READY, and I don't see how they ever would be if I continue this weak af training lmfao!

Next thing is drama/acting class -did this all throughout school but had to drop for Uni and missed it ever since! ;;- but I don’t know yet if I can make it a Uni project so that time wouldn’t be ‘’’’’wasted’’’’’ (it’s a hobby so you can’t really say that, but an extra advantage at your Uni career is always useful!) which wouldn’t start before October and no I do not plan that far ahead into a year that hasn’t even started haha, so I may or may not start on my own earlier and then just see about doing it in Uni when it’s time. Oh and I've applied for a beta tester job for a browser game; I don't really expect to get it though so this doesn't count pahaha.

Still I think overall I’m looking at a pretty busy 2018! As always all this is limiting my time and motivation for video games a lot, but it’s such a coincidence that you’re contacting me again right now because I was on a hiatus with AAI2 literally the entire time we didn’t talk up until a few days before you wrote to me. You know me, I don’t make ANY progress, still in the 4th case! But in the meantime I’ve played PLvsPW and oooh my that is a gorgeous game, loved it to bits. Have you made progress on the Layton series and played the crossover by now as well?

Lastly… Danganronpa is on my backlog for 1,5 years now and knowing myself and the games I put before it (AAI2, Zero Escape 3 (I started at least!!!! lol), Layton’s Mystery Journey for which I wished for Christmas, and two short indie games) it won’t be before another half a year at least. WELL that’s not very “relevant to me” right now is it?! xD But you mentioning it sorta reminded me that I’m making more progress on games now than in the entire time we didn’t talk, and I’m still not really making any at all LOL. Someday!

Merry Christmas, my dear! And probably Happy New Year already as well! I really hope things will improve for you very soon, that you’ll be able to spend some nice and relaxing days and get to be very lucky with all your plans! <3 It’s good to be talking to you again!
2 года назад
Hi! I wrote you a pm some month ago about the nisekoi nendos, it's still actual, please if you have time, respond me :) Have a great day!
3 года назад
neutralparadox3 года назад#19808409Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерHeyyy, I'm just going to send those gifs right back your way, haha. Surprise, I'm not dead!
You absolutely don't have to explain yourself, I understand completely! I'm pretty busy with stuff now myself, and haven't had the energy at all to even log into MFC, I meant to write back weeks ago but things have always gotten in the way :<<
You certainly sound like you have a busy life too though lol. It's been a while, but how are things now and is uni still killing you?
Nothing exciting going on in my life except a ton of stress, but I managed to get through the last Zero Escape game at least and... well. Don't know if you've played ZE (and if you haven't, I recommend them!) but these games are even worse than AA when it comes to the writers trying and failing miserably do outdo themselves by raising the stakes. The first game had a fantastic twist at the end, the second tried to outdo that by having a million twists that just seemed unbelievable and the third game... yeah, I don't even know where to begin. It's more about the journey than the destination when it comes to Zero Escape lol
Oh, then I understand! I was getting worried there, omg. :s
I could probably never live my life like that, I would only get completely restless by the waiting and feel like going for a run :p I only have a 15 minute bus ride each way though.
Haven't you played anything else for a year...???? You know, I love AA and would love to have enough games for a year, but... a year? Oh sweet jesus D:
With AA I took a pretty long break before starting AJ, and that was probably a good idea because the trilogy ended in such a good way. If I had gone on to AJ at once, I probably would have been completely disappointed with the whole series for continuing when it ended so perfectly. Not to say that I'm not glad it's still around, I think I prefer post-trilogy in general because of the new characters, but still.
I understand where you come from, people in general seem to agree that DD is complete crap and I actually agree with pretty much all arguments why, but it's still my favorite game because it got me caring for the characters that much. So when Dhurke has the same effect on pretty much everyone, I don't have much to object to because I'm completely the same lol
And hey, sorry for taking so long myself!! :< You definitely deserve better too! <3 And Happy Easter!

I've also run out of all my "I'm late" jokes // can't top the ones I did sooo, sorry, for my lamest entry yet lmao

Sorry to hear you've been busy/stressed 2 months ago but surely things haven't changed that much ;^; Is everything okay (now)?
Ah yep yep, this semester is actually worse than ever haha here we go again with excuses, my schedule this time is 9 shorter essays, 3 longer ones, and 6 presentations (orally + written); only 1 exam though so at least things shouldn't stack up until last minute this time! I'm still in the middle of everything (ACTUALLY VERY MUCH BEHIND) though so they probably will after all haha. But, this is just my lazy butt talking - I actually LOVE Uni, truly love my subjects; I just hate deadlines, pressure, bad grades for something that was a lot of work, etc., but it's definitely not like I don't appreciate being able to study what I love and to love what I study :')

ooooh my God yes I've indeed played ZE1 and ZE2 is on the backlog. Let's see my schedule... it's behind AAI2 where I'm half through, a CiNG game that I assume will be pretty short, and AAvsPL. If Lady Layton came out by then, it's got priority because boyy I'm excited for that game. Doesn't sound like that much but knowing me that's probably a year from now or so HAHA /shots. Anyway, I really liked ZE1 too! It's one of the few series of that pretty unique genre of story-heavy puzzle games I stumbled upon after I finished Another Code, which is still my favorite game of all time (other series were other CiNG games like Hotel Dusk, or Professor Layton, Ace Attorney). I highly recommend that one to you now, haha; I'm sure it won't affect you that hard because it would no longer be the first game of this kinda genre for you like it was for me (and I was only 15, two things that made it a totally unique experience for me at that time), but for me it still has one of the most clever story- or character writings, details, and ways of creating ambience. Basically (in both games, as it got a sequel), looots of people are dead and yet all the characters you learn about tried their hardest to be good. Oh yeah and it's not a fantasy story so there's no demon possession or anything, just clever writing that made a tragic story!
Anyway back ZE lol, yeah the 2nd and 3rd game are certainly something I want to take my time for because of the gazillion endings, so that'll probably be a while still but I definitely plan on playing them. Sad to hear they get worse! >.> Looking forward to talk shit about them to you when I finally get what you mean ahaha!

Yup and I'm still far from done haha. Like I mentioned, I'm half through AAI2 / just before finishing up the 3rd case, which I'm purposely procrastinating because I know it'll be sooo much dialogue lol. Argh, idk, kinda not feeling the game so far. It's so slow and I feel like everyone is the dumbest version of themselves ever. I'm incredibly thankful for the fan translation, but wow, the literal from japanese makes me cringe every now and then. Sebastian is my bby boy and all buuut eh... I'll finish it though! Haven't played in over a month and won't for another because of Uni and I think that is exactly the half break I need.

3 года назад
neutralparadox3 года назад#17697480Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерOh wow, here we finally go. I feel a bit ashamed of myself for being so late hah :s
I think for me MFC is the only site I'm on where you can customize your profile this way, and even then I don't do it often because I'm shit at coming up with a good and creative design. I guess once every few months or so is enough for me when I get tired of the old one, haha. :p
Oh wow... 5 hour train ride? Is that even humanly possible? Yeah, I can definitely see why you don't like to play on PC now, it sounds like a huge inconvenience in general >_> If I was in the same position I would probably just endure the lag too. Especially if it's to play AAI2, since it's of the highest quality. Have you got any further into the game since? :>
Remember Rise from the ashes? In my opinion that case still has both the best and absolutely scariest villain in the entire franchise. It got to me so much that I was really nervous every time I met him, and when I finally took him down I was so relieved and satisfied for the sake of all these characters involved in his "evil schemes". And this guy was the local goddamn chief of police. It's not like he ruled a country or something.
A game's writing doesn't get any better if you try to go higher every time, in fact in many instances less is more. And this is probably my biggest disappointment with Spirit of Justice, because you really don't need to suddenly make Apollo the son of former royalty who grew up in another country we've never heard of before and then make him take down Mrs. Evil Disney Queen who's so evil for the sake of being evil in order to save a whole country while being at the risk of dying at all times. This game is just bad fanfiction, and one admittedly good twist in the final case doesn't really change that. I miss the good old days where you were a lawyer doing lawyer things, and the scariest thing was the local chief of police who ruined the lives of two women you've never met before.
If I'm going to be completely honest I feel the same about Dual Destinies too, but I also feel that it didn't end up that being that bad in the end, and in that game I actually gave a shit about the involved characters where in SoJ I just couldn't care less. It would probably have been easier if I liked these new characters, but their sob stories felt so forced that I mostly just rolled my eyes. Except for Armie of course, my princess
Uh, rant over?
But now I'm curious if you've changed your opinion on how sad the story made you, considering what happens to Dhurke and all.
I know I'm going to be chased with a pitchfork for this but... Dhurke isn't that great of a character. I find it hard to like characters who are nothing but complete tools to make you feel emotional about the story. That's the reason they made him likeable while not giving him many flaws to his character... buuuut each to their own.
And there we go back to shitting on Maya again. What did she ever do to you? ;_; But I agree with your reasons regardless.
The first part of the final case was a bit off, I was really disappointed that they tried to copy 2-4 in such a shitty and out of character way. Why would Phoenix take things on alone again when the point of the end of Justice for All was the complete opposite?
I guess it only exists for 1. Warming people up to Dhurke before murdering him and 2. Bringing Kurain back for fanservice. At least we got the best SoJ character (Armie <3333) from it.
We really need a female prosecutor though, I don't understand why the prosecutors office has to be such a sausage fest. A real one, not the bad evil queen one. And then we'll have her go up against Athena as the defense attorney and Trucy as the assistant, while Ema is the detective forensics expert. Did I really say that too much fanservice is bad?
That's a really nice collection! :> I especially like the tote bag and the plushes.
I don't really feel pressured to do anything, you don't have to worry about making me feel that way at all! I just got a reminder that I really liked playing these games a long time ago and thought it would be fun to check out some more now that you mentioned it ^^ Sadly I didn't have time to actually get around to play one though, but when I do I'll keep you updated! :p


obviously I mean bitch in a loving friendship way sorry I just have shit humor ilu

So yeah! I've really done it this time and I'm so incredibly sorry, especially after you stressed out because you were late with your reply, well this is certainly the sign that you do not need to do that haha, I feel even worse being so late with replies when the person I talk to does their best to get back to me asap and I just... can't. Problem was, the two weeks after you wrote, were the last two weeks of the Uni semester / before the exams, and I had to do three oral presentations that were a real pain in the ass because of the groups I had to work with or the teacher that didn't let me pass even though I did the most work because of a trivial thing and UGGH it's so frustrating to even talk about that even now, then there were three weeks of exams even though I only took 4 but 3 of those were super important (1 is from the subject I was kind of "sponsored" to do because I'm not supposed to be able to get into it and I technically don't have to be good in it but I have all these eyes on me; both the ones that helped me achieve this and the ones who didn't want me to, and I feel super pressured and like I absolutely can't fail, and as for the other 2 exams that were part of my other subject, 1 already counts as a high percentage for my final grade of that subject and the other one I failed last year and had to repeat it and there's only 3 chances, and I'm really unsure about all 3 but ironically the only one I already have results of is the super unimportant 4th exam lol), and the first 1-2 weeks of holidays I was super busy with socializing, wow I'm exhausted haha. Doesn't help that I'll be touring with my ballet perfomance and visit my friend at the other end of the country this month too so I can't even promise that I'll be faster to response now ;;;;; I'm really sorry things are so busy right now I certainly hate it too lmao. BUT, what about you? Anything exciting happening recently? =))

Ah but it's 5 hours for both ways, one way is 2.5 hours, ye? I'm sorry if I've phrased that confusingly ;; And it's not all train ride too, in fact it's bus to the train station -> 1st train -> change trains mid-way -> subway to the Uni, plus all the walking and waiting. I'm only actually riding the train for like 70-80 minutes and that still sounds like a lot but really, if you're used to it it really doesn't feel like it. That's probably why I don't even bother bringing my consoles or headphones with me anymore haha!

NO, IN FACT I DIDN'T ;A; I can't believe it myself but I neither made (much) progress on AAI2 nor SOJ DLCs. Emphasize on "much" because I've played both a little but certainly not enough to be worth talking about ;;;;; With that I do believe my holidays will help me get my shit together and progress because I don't have any money left for the clubs for March so the nights will belong to my lawyer friends lmao. Hope to give you updates soon!

I lost it at Evil Disney Queen. Really. Because, SO MUCH YES.
I agree wholeheartedly. Admittedly, I think the most intimidating villain for me was Kristoph and the one I hated the most Dahlia - in a good, I-want-to-bring-her-down-and-see-her-suffer way, not the she's-terribly-written-and-that's-sad-to-see-way, but that's nitpicking rn since I totally get your point. Can't agree more, it made me realize how much I loved the first games for their simplicity and uniqueness. Also, I suppose it doesn't help that I played nothing but AA since the first game until now in this ridiculously slow pace of mine - meaning I haven't played anything else myself since?? a year?? more??, and as much as I love the series which is the only reason I could even do that, I'm pretty sure it took some of the immersion ww. Though I'm pretty sure I would think the same about DD/SOJ, I'd just like them a little more probably, if they weren't in direct comparison to their prequels and I'd have had a break from the gameplay and characters to enjoy it more to be returning to them. But yeah, need to emphasize here that I too think both of these games have these issues but SOJ is WAY worse.

I agree Dhurke isn't a great character.
Nah but really, I totally see your point and I agree that he was written to be liked and cried over and I didn't expect him to live at any point - I didn't call the plottwist at all and it really got me, but that's probably because I already felt like a smartass for expecting him to die in some way (in court/revolution outside/taking a bullet for Apollo/someone etc), so I felt like I was one step ahead of the game until the plottwist revealed that they were yet another step ahead of me. But anyway back to Dhurke's character, yes he was written to be loved *fast* lol, but in all honesty, that simply worked for me? Dads are always welcome and still a character way too rarely presented in entertainment media. I enjoyed every second of dialogue with him, so those... 2 hours maybe? of that were enough to get me attached, despite expecting him to die, and also to still get surprised and caught off-guard to add emotion and shock to what I was expecting from the start made the moment more memorable to me. That sudden realization and shiver down my spine... I can only name so many moments in AA where I felt that, not even in every game, but that moment in SOJ at least had that. At least for me. But I agree, it was a shit case/game nonetheless lol.

Ye I take back about half of my rage after learning the background story ofc haha so please know I'm back to my calm professional critical opinion LOLOLOLOL as to why she's a bad character pwahaha.
And Pearl, my beautiful daughter baby princess *A* Really she CAN'T get more precious than with these art skills, I just love her so much owo. I liked Armie too though, I just sadly was completely spoilered about her and I think I would've enjoyed the surprise of her appearance when the dialogues were setting her player up to believe she's a young adult boy more but still, the ending to her story was so adorable and bittersweet!

Oh my God, those 2 cases in JfA where it's Mia vs Dahlia (at least that's what they felt like lol)? Loved them, totally because they were just two incredibly intelligent ladies in a battle of wits. I would love to experience that again. I'd love to see Athena against Franziska (seriously where is the princess) since they both lose their temper so easily, it'd be hilarious especially with Simon and Edgeworth at their sides aka the supposedly calm and collected adults that are nothing but afraid of their little girls' rage at one point. But yes for Trucy and Ema, more focus on the girls in general! It really surprises me how much I like almost every major female character in AA so there's never enough of that! :>

Thank you! owo And oki, yes please do let me know <3

That's it from me for now, once I've made progress on any of the games I'll just let you know unless you've already replied before then and as I know you that'll probably be the case lol. That's why I want to apologize again for taking so long! You deserve better orz ;;
3 года назад
neutralparadox3 года назад#17537846Blergh, now I'm the one who's being really late >_> I was away over the new year and that's been delaying things, but now I have a little more time so hopefully you'll have a reply sometime next week! ^^ Can't wait to puke all over Turnabout Revolution as much as I want now
Aargharrghh that is why I almost didn't want to tell you, so that you don't feel pressured to reply! ;; It's really okay, chill and take all the time you want/need! <3 but yes please do that I look forward to it
3 года назад
just a small heads-up that I'm finished with Turnabout Revolution in more than one way because I thought it was pretty shit so that you don't try to put too much effort in going around spoilers in your reply! Not meaning to pressure you to reply to me -soon or at all-, I just really appreciate people holding back spoilers for me so I felt like telling you that there's no need ^^ Also no I'm not over Dhurke and I won't ever be. /shots
3 года назад
neutralparadox3 года назад#17090920Oh my god it's so sweet that it made you so happy ;_; Even though it's the Edgeworth despair case.
Aw, I would have loved to read that article :/ I'll admit that it probably wouldn't have brought out the happy Christmas spirit though lol

I've... never realized how bad that sounds put that way. Like I'd hate him lmao.
Anyway, Happy New year! Hope it'll ge a good one to you! >w<
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