Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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mentalka4 года назад#13200229Happy birthday dear! <3 :*AAAHHH thank you! Hope you're doing great~! ///v///
4 года назад
Nice. It's been a month already.
4 года назад
Second time
4 года назад
I saw you were online today :/ ... again with no answer
4 года назад
Still waiting...
4 года назад
Please, reply to my message. I'm waiting almost a week :/
4 года назад
Hello, I was just wondering if the Tsukiko Nendoroid was shipped out yet. It's been near a month so I would really appreciate any update D:

EDIT: Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I am not really sure how to use 17track.net
It is telling me they couldn't find any tracking w/ the tracking number you have provided.
Let me know if you are able to track it and how i can track it as well.

The figure arrived safely in one piece and the box was in great condition. She looks soooo adorable.
Thanks for a great business!
4 года назад
Vidi ovde ima nekoga iz Srbije! Dobar dan! ^o^
5 лет назад
Why doesn't GSC ship to Serbia? ꒰๑•̥﹏•̥๑꒱ I'd really love to help but my November is crazy. (´・_・`)

I hope someone will help you more than me! Good luck dear!
5 лет назад
mentalka5 лет назад#3096413Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерI'm glad that I made you happy! :D Trigger/Gainax anime is tricky because you can't just recommend it to ''normal'' people, you can never guess who will like that kind of humor and weirdness. xD My first was Panty and Stocking, and that is the weirdest thing ever but I've been in love in it ever since I saw first episode. And even though I know that most of their anime (especially Kill la Kill and PSG) have some problems with inconsistent writing, or some ''little'' boring parts, I still can't get myself not to love them! I can watch some scenes from PSG, Gurren of KlK a hundred times, and they will never bore me, quite the opposite, the will lift my mood up in no time. :D There are tons of better anime, with more profound stories that I love and that tought me so much, but still Gainax and Trigger hold special place in my heart...and I can't explain it. :D
Sadly, I haven't watched yet Little Witch Academia, first thing that I saw from Trigger was Kill la Kill in the time it was aired, it actually brought me back to watching anime, because I was making a big break from it at that time. And first episode resembled PSG style so much, and I was beyond happy when I googled and found out that most of the crew that worked on both series is the same. xD So KlK became instant favorite of mine in a second. :D And my fist goal in collecting Nendoroids was to collect all Kill la Kill ones. :) And, also, I found out about Nendoroids years before, while I was mad about PSG, I found out about those cute figures of them, that could change poses and expressions. So Stocking was first Nendoroid on my wish list without me even knowing what Nendoroids are. xD Gainax/Trigger is to blame for everything!:)
Oh, that's great that you watched anime with your dad! :D I could never do that with my parents. xD I was so crazy about PSG that I recommended it to everyone, even to my friend who is extremely religious (I'm crazy I know xD ), but it wasn't successful. After that, I learned to shut up and enjoy in my own weird little world. :D I hope your friend will continue watching Gurren Lagann, that anime gets even better because of Kamina's fate, it has it's own place in a story.
Sailor Moon... I don't remember much of the anime,because I was very little when I watched it, but despite that, manga is mine favorite version of that story also. It is surprisingly deep for a manga written for little girls, it was a real joy reading it. :D And it inspired me to draw again in High School... xD I have watched only two episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal so I don't have any particular opinion on that one. I'm glad that they've done good job retelling that great story to new generations! :)
You want to be character designer?! :D That's awesome! Are you going to some art academy of something? :)
Drawing is my hobby, and I have a dream to become character designer or animator one day, but for now it is only a dream because I'm studying mathematics and I don't have so much time for drawing. :/ I hope that you are advancing well towards your goal! ;)
Oh, and I'm sorry for so long post... :(

Brace yourself because here comes text. Lots of it. ಥ‿ಥ

Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерHehehe it's so wonderful to meet and see other people that love Gainax/Trigger, I'm soo happy! > v <. Yeeah, I agree that you can't recommend it to everyone (some of people I know would probably brand me as a perv because they don't know different hahaha. Though I do randomly yell quotes from KlK and TTGL to everyone. xD I just wait for the perfect opportunity to share the wisdom. :P Panty and Stocking are still fresh to me but I enjoyed it immensely. They have some sloppy parts (oh the dreaded ep 4 of Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill) but all that awesomeness and wonderful messages outshine them! Rewatching some scenes and the feeling is same for me (oh myyyyy) and I feel like it'll never change. All three are here to stay as Sailor Moon did. xD as I mentioned earlier, yesterday I finished Gurren Lagann for the second time and the feelings were still raw and I let a tear again. All of these three are so uplifting in some way even though the story got serious in all, that feeling carries the whole show. Just wow. I can't wait to see what else Trigger or staff themselves will put up next. I plan on watching Punchline with friend after exams are over, it somehow has a similar feel. xD For me, Gurren Lagann has kicked my anxiety into teeth and showed me I can move, change and do. I feel so much empowered now and I'll try to do more than I did. :3 sure, as you say, there's more but there's really something about these. They get to your heart fast if you let them and never let go. ; v ;

I recommend LWA, especially now that we're getting a sequel. It's less wacky but has it's charm, and the animation and colour palette make me swoon and cry why didn't I just went on with animation for college. xD And awwww, such a cute story how you found out it's made the same people and that it got you back to anime! ^^ I hope to get Satsuki and previous Mako at some point. though Mako currently.. her price went up sooo much Did you get Panty and Stocking nendos? I can't stalk your profile as I'm writing hahah sorry if you do! Both are cute tho I think they did get Stocking better as Nendo. I wish to get at least one of them. Both I didn't like Panty as much as I like Stocking at first but last few eps she grew very fast on me. > w < I love love love Alter's figures of them. Just heavenly and gorgeous. Gainax/Trigger will make us poor

Yeeep. My dad has similar taste as me in some things and the moment I saw the first ep, the colours, characters, setting and style I knew my dad would love it. And I'm so glad he did because he's excited I get the merch. Oh gee, I feel you on that too! I'm so ecstatic and insane after I find something I really really like and recommend it to everyone (and people I shouldn't). I regret explaing KlK to one friend because she googled it and was very displeased I watched it. Oh well. Sometimes people irk me if they prejudice things I love before knowing the story. I don't like that myself so I don't do that to other peeps and only give my opinion if asked. I'm happy for my friends when they're enthusiastic about sth because I won't rain on their parade. xD I hope she does but she dislikes anything that doesn't have a complete happy end so.. eh. Probably no. (but the other friend and I finished it so yay! She loved it very much and I'm proud I could assimilate get her to see it. She enjoyed Kill la Kill after I recommended it so I knew that this will be the same. Now she has PSG on menu. Dessert. :33)

Manga is everything. I only wish that first arc wasn't so rushed because Naoko was so pressed to finish it for anime and she wanted to end it on that but I'm glad we got more. Last arc in manga is so amazing and hopefully we'll get a proper adaptation of it one day. If you can, watch Crystal after it finishes. Or wait for blu ray rips. ^ w ^

Yup! I want to apply to illustration MA next year, hopefully in UK. :DD I'm studying Fashion Design because I wanted to be a Costume Designer/Illustrator until recently when I realised I want more. plus my college killed the joy of it. And yeeesss you draw too! Ironically I don't have time to draw anything that isn't portfolio for exams hahaha but I'm incorporating KlK, PSG and Gurren Lagann in my portfolio for Fashion Illustration since I can pick a theme I want. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑Don't give up on your dream, though! I almost did in high school when I was telling myself this isn't for me. I don't think it's ever too late for anything and as soon as you got the time, draw, watch animation and artists and inspire yourself! Math is everywhere in drawing, animation and designing so you'll gonna need that hehehe (ง •ૅ౪•᷄)ว so make that someday soon! Believe in yourself because I believe in you! (・ัᗜ・ั)و

we can always switch to pm heheheh ^^'
5 лет назад
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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