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Hi mina-san !
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Hi Mina-san !

I take my pictures with my good old LG G5 ! ...Yeah... a smartphone. I ain't some pro haha :')

I am aiming to make some kind of "travel gallery" showing you pictures of cool places! Since I am belgian, you'll most likely see pictures of France and Netherlands ^^

I am also trying to give some love to prize figures. Most of my figures (which are prize) barely got any views/pictures on their pages. I am trying to fix that by using different ones during my trips.

Hope you'll enjoy my gallery and work ! :)


Stunning gallery!! You just got yourself a new subscriber! I absolutely love outdoor photography, and yours is the photo of dreams I wish to achieve someday! I love it! <3
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Hi mina-san !

I take my pictures with my good old LG G5 ! I use the basic android app to -try- correct the photos. I ain't some pro, just an amateur doing this for fun !
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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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