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Bringing her vision to reality through toy photography.
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Bringing her vision to reality through toy photography.

I haven't been around here in MFC lately and I spend most of the time creating videos for YouTube, doing Toy photography workshops, spreading the love for toy photography in my country. I am really thankful for this community because this is where it all started. I want to thank all my friends and fans who follow my works. Some of you have witnessed the struggles and my passion in pursuing my dreams. I am truly grateful to all of you.

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Thank you for all of your wonderful pictures and creativity. You have inspired me to start doing my own miniature and toy photography!!
2 года назад
Hello, thanks for accepting the FR, i've been a fan of your since last year, love your tutorials, your photos are full of taent and creativity
3 года назад
I am a fan of your pictures and tutorials. Can I has friendships? :3
3 года назад
Been a fan for a year now. Nice job with the blog and youtube channel. Very cool tutorials! :D
3 года назад
I absolutely adore your work and creativity,I check on you every day to see if you posted something new.Have a great day! (^・ω・^ )
4 года назад
elagabalus4 года назад#5706518I love your attention to detail! Sets like yours are something I've always dreamed of, so I'm really happy to see yours.
It's delighted to know that you enjoyed my work. Have a wonderful New Year to you! :)
4 года назад
I love your attention to detail! Sets like yours are something I've always dreamed of, so I'm really happy to see yours.
4 года назад
kixkillradio5 лет назад#3873446Hi there! I take pictures of my figure box- side, top and bottom. Edit/crop it in photoshop. You can visit my post of Cu-poche Kirino kixkillradio.co... there's a link provided which you can download a nendoroid template and you may use it as a pattern.
Tatami is a gift from my friend from Japan, even I don't know where he bought it. He just didn't tell me.
Snow Bell Miku is one of my personal fave set of photos. I am happy you enjoyed the set!
Also, I think I've reached max numbers of friends here in MFC I could no longer add friends. If you have fb or instagram. You can follow me there, I usually hang out in those places. ^_^

Hey thank you so much, I appreciate the help and I will show how everything's turns out using some of the tips and techniques I got from you
5 лет назад
I am an avid follower of your website and love your work. I was curious, how do you make those mini figure boxes? Also where do you get the tatami Matt that's featured as the flooring in a lot of your photos?
Btw my favorite post is over the Snow Bell Miku diorama, it's really inspiring me and the use of flour for snow is genius!
5 лет назад
Tiriteratetera5 лет назад#3673132Hi! Thank u for accept the FR. Love ur pictures, seriously. See ya :D

You're welcome and I'm happy you love my work! ^_^ Sorry I haven't been so active here in MFC lately but I'll definitely drop by from time to time. Have a wonderful day to you!
5 лет назад
Import from Japan

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