Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
: *✧・゚:* this is my love *:・゚✧*:
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”win or lose, it’s your decision” .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.


LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
Thank you, love! ♥️
I'll do my best to enjoy it during this quarantine, haha!
4 месяца назад
Yeah, they have gone quiet since my order though, but as the online shop in the end gave me a confirmation, I assume it's OK now.

I was surprised at finding MFC at this completely new lay-out today so uh, I guess I should re-organize my profile again to make it look decent. ^^'' Why is it so wide and the font so big???

Oh I see, that makes sense! Assignments, presentations and I guess also a lot of oral tests are the best replacement. Oh man if I was still a student now, I would be scoring so big LOL. I always got so nervous for tests, but assignments, reports, presentations, no biggie! :P Hopefully you've adjusted well to doing everything from home~
5 месяцев назад
Sodapeche was very kind and held a set separate for me! ^^ Although pre-orders had closed, she did not finalize her order with the manufacturer yet so I was able to get my set! ^^

They are unfortunately very small, I always have to upload my gifs externally and link them back here. ^^'' As that wasn't possible for the top banner I had to do a lot of resizing. I wish I could have uploaded it in higher resolution though. :(

This sounds super rude probably, but the first thing I think about is how easy it probably is to cheat on tests for everyone?! :x They must take some special measures to keep people from cheating at home? 
5 месяцев назад
Ah I did not see that deadline on the store page! But it's not like I could have made the order before the 23rd anyway... X_X I got in contact with her through e-mail and she might let me buy them separately, so I hope it goes OK! This is because I thought my PayPal was activated, but it turns out it isn't (delay for 1-2 weeks for Finland...), so I'm currently waiting on her reply if I can pay it through bank transfer...

Yeah! :D It's hard to juggle the size limit for this website and have a crisp looking gif though... :P

Well at least everything is more safe outside if we can all be indoors more. I'm curious to how your college/university is going to handle doing exams, though?
6 месяцев назад
Just tried to order from Sodapeche and...her store is closed. X_X I put the info in this thread and will keep it updated: thread/16354

Did you manage to order these charms? Did they get cancelled?
6 месяцев назад
*just wanted to brag that I found out that MFC supports gifs for banners, so I made mine Baccano!* xD

The game is pretty expensive nowadays, but Gamecubes are luckily not. If you want to invest in it, the Gamecube has a lot of really nice exclusives making it worth buying (if you don't mind the outdated graphics of course).

Thanks! It has all been weird as we are in partial quarantine here, so I've been working my first week of my new job from home. I'm glad they were so chill about it though!

I should be able to open my new PayPal account this weekend...and then the connecting of the bank should take a few days and I should be able to order them next week. Hope I'm still on time!
6 месяцев назад
thank you!✧
6 месяцев назад
Thank you :)
6 месяцев назад
Do you own a Gamecube by the way? Because I have 0 expectations of the game ever getting ported to other consoles to be honest... I never really had the idea that Nintendo liked the Colosseum game (because of it being too dark?), as Wes or the other human characters never get referenced in other games. :(

That's good to know! Man, you make me so excited to do another loot haul post on here as well, but so little time. :') And my new job is starting next week, so I'll have even less free time, RIP me. xD

HOT DAMN I MISSED OUT ON THOSE COMPLETELY! I'll also add them to the thread on our forums! I want to buy them so badly, but because of the emigration I now have a temporary address and can't buy anything unless I get to a permanent address. TT^TT I hope it won't sell out or that I have my permanent address before pre-orders close...
6 месяцев назад
Sounds good! Good luck with everything and I hope you find a lot of enjoyment in your field! ^^

Well I can ramble for hours about Pokémon Colosseum haha, but that is also because I'm very nostalgic about it. Pokémon Colosseum was the first full 3D semi-open world Pokémon game and I remember being so impressed with actually freely walking around the cities. Next to that it is also the first (and maybe only?) Pokémon game with no random encounters and no option to catch wild Pokémon. The story is that in Colosseum there is something called a Snag Machine, it lets you steal already caught Pokémon from other trainers. Team Cipher (the Team Rocket etc. from this area) uses it to steal Pokémon. Also in this game Shadow Pokémon exist, they are very powerful, but soulless. Team Cipher creates these Shadow Pokémon as ultimate battle machines (think of the way about how Mewtwo's Pokémon were in the first movie). And then you play an antihero (called Wes) that used to be part of a different gang similar to Cipher, decides to steal a Snag Machine and is on a mission to make all Shadow Pokémon clean. So you are stealing Pokémon from the baddies, then training them to be 'clean' and then can use them as a regular Pokémon. As you can see from my rambling this game is very unique compared to other Pokémon games and I personally still have a really huge soft spot for Wes as it's the only time you play an ex-bad-guy that is still sort-of doing bad things for the sake of good? :P But to be more realistic, a lot of things that were 'wow' and 'new' then are now already done by the 3DS and/or Sword/Shield game. So I guess I only recommend it if the different kind of story and play style interests you.

Ah gosh that Kan Colle shopping figure is so cute! And the artwork on the bromides look nice, only have no clue about the origin.
7 месяцев назад
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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