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I've started playing video games pretty much late in the 90s, so unfortunately a lot i missed on, but mostly an rpg fan.
In the end all my hobbies linked together: I like drawing therefore i started to like animes and got hooked on jrpgs, especially everything "Tales of" related.
Gimme a shout if you want to make small talk, i speak english and french ♥


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karaya (2 месяца назад) #27536356Just dropping in to wish you a happy birthday! :)
Aw, thanks!! I appreciate it! :>
2 месяца назад
karaya (4 месяца назад) #26017220You're very welcome! The Viva Tales artbook is a definite must, next time you see it: GRAB IT!!
By the way not sure which region you are for blu-ray, but as i posted on the "Tales of Fan Club" Funimation is coming up with a blu-ray release of season 1 on Nov. 21st. Might want to get that if you're "Region 1|2|4|A or B". I was pretty much ranting about it though in the club, im awful like that, never happy !

Damn, I should follow the club more closely <.> Wasn't even subscribed to the comments since I always thought the club was rather dead XD Regional locking didn't allow me to view the contents of the link you provided but on Amazon it says "region code 1 (USA & Canada only)" so yeah... I don't know about that one ^^; Never heard the english dub either but dubs are generally kind of my pet peeve anyway x_x It's still a dream to own the limited Japan release but that's not gonna happen anytime soon lol T_T
Guess what, I just ordered some of the luncheon mat cases myself XD I only went with the Sorey and Mikleo ones obviously but I feel funny considering the we just talked about that XD I really need this Sorey & Mikleo case now though (the one that isn't for sale in ufotable's webshop) agh.... ToZ is just killin me >.< Oh well I chose it that way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
4 месяца назад
karaya (4 месяца назад) #25904763Pics are sent! And your MFC inbox is full btw lol

Thank you so much for your effort! :) I really like the Viva Tales Magazine artbook - I just love ufotable's art style so much *_* Ugh I regret not getting it in Japan XD But oh well, might be able to pick it up pre-owned when I have some spare money ^_^
4 месяца назад
karaya (4 месяца назад) #25808781snipJeez that's awful :O I'd be so devasteted if anyone ever dared to steal the contents of my packages. And then have the audacity to leave the empy envelope for me to see on top of that X_x People have literally no respect -.- And WOW 341 CAD! O-O I can't even imagine what must've been inside that package XD

Thanks for the heads up on the artbooks! I guess ITEM #548548 ITEM #574340 ITEM #592152 would be enough to preview then :D I'll quickly send you a PM with my e-mail adress, since it's indeed more convenient that way! Have a nice day and thanks a lot ^^
4 месяца назад
karaya (4 месяца назад) #25735768snip
Oh no, you're right - I didn't even realise you were from Canada :o Yeah, shipping is horrendous in our respective countries. I heard Canada Post is rather expensive, Germany is no exception sadly. And customs are really hitting every collector hard >_> I guess asking you for snaps of the artbooks will have to do fo the moment then ._.'' Hope that's ok :)

I'd be very interested in ITEM #548548 and these Zestiria books:

ITEM #380468
ITEM #526601
ITEM #526590
ITEM #574340
ITEM #592152

The first three in this list seem to be very thin...102 pages no? The latter two twice as much, are they compilations of the other ones or is there complete new content in there? Would you recommend some more than others? Oh and 5 snaps are completely ok :) There have to be some surprises left XD Thank you very much for your effort already! It's highly appreciated <3
4 месяца назад
karaya (4 месяца назад) #25723596snip
Wow, getting all the luncheon mats is quite a task - considering how many there are to this point o_o I remember seeing an awful lot of them in some resale shop in Nakano Broadway back in April when I was lucky to be in Tokyo, but damn those prices.. considering they are just... place mats after all ^^;; They are really lovely though, the art is usually very pretty and the quality is really nice so I totally get why you're after them :D

I'm actually with you on the creepy plushie thing XD Nothing weird there XD I'm really not big on the plushie front either :p I think I own... like two from Sailor Moon? And those were actually gifts XD But yeah, since I can't say no to SureMiku I really had to have these two and I surprisingly look forward to them :) There are two more ITEM #51441 and ITEM #61408 that are super odd but I'm rather desperate to obtain them XD I've seen Flynn go for 100+ bucks though 0_0 Uhm... just no O.o

I'd absolutely take advantage of your offer for additional snaps if that's ok with you :) I've had a couple of Zestiria artbooks in my hands when I was in Japan but eventually refrained from buying because they were still sealed and I didn't really know what I was getting. Wouldn't have been too thrilled to spend 2k+ yen to find out there's only line art in there (not that there's anything wrong about that, but who wouldn't prefer the gorgeous ToZX art instead <3) If I dig through some that interest me and I let you know, would that be fine? Thank you so very much in advance <3

I keep my Tales whishlists here list/91334 and here list/66435 If you recognise anything on there that you feel like parting with, feel totally free to let me know <3 Especially if it's SorMik and YuriFlynn related, since these are kinda my priority rn *^.^*

Do you actually have any favourites from the Tales series e.g. certain characters, specific games etc.? Are you hunting any special characters or is it the overall franchise that attracts you? If you don't mind asking of course ^^ (I saw that you have a lot of Zesty stuff as well ^_~)
4 месяца назад
karaya (4 месяца назад) #25717051Haha, i dont mind friends request at all. I honestly dont keep in touch much around here, i update my collection then i move on. Sadly the Tales club is only active when a new game comes out, and even at that it's not that lively, so having another Tales fan to talk to a a great thing, especially Zestiria. :)
My collection however has gotten out of control and there's some items im seriously thinking about letting go off, my main "hunting" is really focusing around artbooks and clear files, or the occasional fat plushie. Really trying to be reasonable with my spending...so hard, even now im hunting all the Ufotable blu-ray benefits. :(

Oh gosh, I feel ya ^^;; Lately I'm spending lots and lots on Tales, mainly because I feel like I've missed out on so many things over the last months/years - especially exclusive stuff (tell me about anything ufotable and café-exclusives sigh -.-) I'm mainly focused on Sorey & Mikleo/Zestiria and Yuri & Flynn/Vesperia, but that's still an awful lot of stuff to get @_@ I'm still after a lot of rubber straps, keychains and buttons but the hunt is part of the fun I guess XD
So if you're still into plushies, did you decide to order ITEM #584915 and ITEM #584916? They're quite heavy on the wallet, but I'm pretty sure they're gonna be worth it :) Oh and speaking about artbooks, I actually decided to order ITEM #326995 after seeing the pictures you uploaded <3
4 месяца назад
Hi! I hope you don't mind the somewhat random friend request :) I usually don't approach people out of nowhere (since I'm a shy Bambi ^^;) but I was so stunned by your Tales collection! It's so inspiring to see your loot pictures <3 I think it's amazing when fans go the extra mile to aquire all this exclusive stuff. On top of that... I just really love looking at Tales stuff (especially Zestiria <3) XD Again, I'm sorry for spamming your comment box but I just needed to tell you _(..)_ Have a lovely day!
4 месяца назад
Take Virile Insatiable Beast
Happy birthday \o/ My best wishes from South Korea, flying to Japan in the next hour (my wallet's not ready...) I hope your own wallet gets resplenished for your birthday :p Have a great one!
9 месяцев назад
Hey hey, happy birthday!! :D
9 месяцев назад
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