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Started collecting figures in early 2014. I bought Embrace Japan Iron Princess on a whim, loved her, and just kept getting more. I find reading about, tracking down deals and planning future purchases quite fun as well. It's also nice to see other people on here excited about the same figures I am. Here's to hoping I don't stop anytime soon.


Bought stella.from you as well glad to have it. Thanks
7 месяцев назад
Can't help it - I grew up with Marvel! That isn't to say I don't like DC, but I just can't get into a lot of their comics because of how convoluted and goofy the timelines are and how there don't seem to be just classic storylines to jump into that aren't reality-shattering clusters. Marvel has started to do that, so meh, but still. On the DC side I'm a big fan of Superman, Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman, and Supergirl, but I like others too. I like the DCAU stuff more than anything else DC has produced so far, and honestly am pretty disappointed with what I've seen of the DCEU, since Marvel is killing it in the film industry by comparison.

Anywhoo, I am head over heels for the pair of them! I am happy unlike a lot of people for their 1/8 size, since I collect all kinds of size figures, but have a lot of difficulty shelling out for 1/6 or bigger constantly. I had to pass up on one from Warabino Matsuri I really wanted because it was 1/4 and just too pricy for me. And sure, feel free to PM anytime. :)
1 год назад
Thanks! I'm actually a bigger Marvel fan than DC, though admittedly I haven't gotten basically anything Marvel for lack of liking a lot of what's out there. I'm hoping the new Captain Marvel figure Koto is working on comes out nice, since I'm a huge fan of Carol Danvers all the way back to when she was introduced as Ms. Marvel.

I also don't tend to find a lot of communication with people here, so I wanted to say I really appreciate you reaching out and citing how much you like my set - it's always heartening and a pleasant moment when someone likes the stuff you do. :)
1 год назад
Didn't realize that. just fixed it.
1 год назад
ha ha :D thank you !!

HA HA yea i buy much..all the time >.<
1 год назад
nice collection
1 год назад
Excellent seller!
Got a figure I was hunting for and at a great price!
Shipping was very fast!
1 год назад
Hi, How do you usually find out about and keep track of upcoming cast-offs? I'm still sad that I missed out on the Hestia cast-off and I don't want to miss another good one like that ever again lol.
3 года назад
Thanks for prompt payment and good communication for Djibril sale, good buyer.
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