finally the owner of multiple detolfs!
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Please check out my sales list, discount available if buying multiple items! LIST #25529



Heyo, I sent you a PM about one of your ads, but I'm not sure if the message went through...
2 года назад
iced_wine7 лет назад#1658137happy birthday~!!!

oh my goodness! Sorry for the late reply:

6 лет назад
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Oh, I forgot to ask - did you want to do the ordering, or did you want me to?
7 лет назад
iced_wine7 лет назад#1281184Happy Birthday!!

Thanks for the well wishes! :D
See you're talking about Snow Miku...waiting for her to go on pre-order. I LOVE her design!!! Sadly, I think my husband might have her stolen as he likes this particular design too....
7 лет назад
iced_wine7 лет назад#1273237hey~thanks for the FR~
can't wait for 2013 snow miku~ >.<

Same here! I'm so glad she won the contest,her design is beautiful!

And your welcome :3
7 лет назад
No idea how to send PMs here, so I'm leaving a comment here. I saw you were giving up your amiami PO for Momohime. If you still haven't done it, send me a comment (Or PM? If you know how to do it, unlike me)
7 лет назад
D: you're getting Aoba! Looks so awesome...You hafta take pics and share!
7 лет назад
iced_wine7 лет назад#1230341oh! i've been contemplating those two as well. the beautiful thing about nendos is that most are interchangeable, there are so many faceplates i want to replace with the tony stark standard face that comes with the iron man nendo~~~~~~~
saber liion is only 2250yen (i think), which makes her pretty attractive, but then again, she doesn't come with quite as many parts as the average nendo...

Haha, that would be pretty funny seeing a whole bunch of different characters wearing the Iron Man Suit. Yes, that one is pretty cheap but you're right, not many accessories. Which ones are your favorite Nendos?
7 лет назад
iced_wine7 лет назад#1230305haha, thank you! nendoroids are very, very addicting~

Haha, I haven't gotten into it yet. There were two I considered buying...ITEM #117504 and ITEM #3927
7 лет назад
Thank you for the Friend Request! You have a very impressive collection of Nendoroids.
7 лет назад
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