• Thank you, it's my favorite opening too! I've been pretty good, and I hope you're also doing well. :)
    9 дней назад
    Nice to hear from you too! I am planning to display them when I move on my own someday. My boxes are in my brother's bedroom. Only have one Nendoroid (ITEM #434560) displayed along with my sister's prize figure (ITEM #287770) in our bedroom closet.

    However, I am a little worried about my scale (myanimeshelf.co...) which I received back in late Feburary. I've heard issues where the hot weather can affect the shape of the water base. My brother's bedroom isn't well insulated and I haven't opened my figure yet. Debating if I should open the box now. What do you think?

    That's nice you can speak a few sentences! Me on the other hand just knows some words. It does help when you've listened to Japanese songs and watch Japanese media for a while now, which leads you to picking up some words. Are you planning to visit or live in Japan someday?

    I love Hatsune Miku too! (๑>ᴗ<๑)
    12 дней назад
    Maybe when you're done with classes, you can translate Vocaloid songs that haven't been translated yet. Joke aside, I'll see you around!
    13 дней назад
    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes and for the laughing Rimuru gif XD, it made my day! :)
    19 дней назад
    Thank you very much !
    28 дней назад
    I'm just gonna leave this here:
    1 месяц назад
    Thank you!
    1 месяц назад
    SmikuSmiku Umbra Witch
    Thank you for the birthday wishes ♡♡♡♡♡♡
    1 месяц назад
    Thank you! :3
    1 месяц назад
    Moeromoero Chinese Dress Hunter
    Thank you!!!
    It takes another year to complete the cert if everything goes well.

    Maybe your bro needs Skytube... Who can resist such sweet girls XD
    just joking...plz keep him away from nsfw XD

    Me too, I keep anime hobby personal. I understand how your bro feels like.
    And One piece is for real men! B)

    Dr. Stone!I've watched the trailer. It seems like fun.Reminds me of Stone Age. Is it scientifically accurate? XD

    And Bleach is back to TV, I'm looking forward.
    1 месяц назад
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