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If there is beauty in destruction, why not also in its delivery?
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Happy Birthday!
4 года назад
firefly7776 лет назад#2186773Happy Birthday!

Thank you! ^_^
6 лет назад
They made only a few 1/4 scale figures so far. But they look pretty good for me. picture/354701&...

Well, the Sena isn't even painted yet, we will see ;)
7 лет назад
What do you think about this Sena? ITEM #166954

1/4 Scale... The only complaint I have are the eyebrows. But other than that she looks nice, really looking forward to see her painted
7 лет назад
firefly7777 лет назад#1625511I see, that's interesting. Well my artbook is based off the eroge game. so yeah.
What are you reading/watching? I just recently finished Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and it was really good. Great pacing, voice acting and action.
Hmmmm, Mass Effect 3 has coop horde mode, can pick between a bunch of classes to play as. If you like puzzles I got Portal 2, action RPGs - borderlands 2, action - uncharted 2/3, resident evil 5/6, MGS peace walker, open world - saintès row 3.
Oh, you should definitely get Dragon's Crown, old school beat em up with rpg elements and gorgeous anime artwork. I'll definitely will be playing it when it comes out, I get it Aug 6 not sure about Europe though.

I have a MAL account, you can check, what I currently watch and read, though I guess you're lazy, so I tell you :P Currently I watch Genshiken Nidaime, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen, Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! and some others. And I read Paradox Blue now, I'm at volume 3 now, after that going to read seitokai yakuindomo. I really liked the anime of it, hopefully the manga has some great comedy as well.

Hmmmm, is Portal 2 funny to play as coop? Maybe I should grab that one^^

At that time I'm gonna play ToX already as an JRPG :/ I already finished the Japanese vers, but quite some time ago^^ Will be nostalgic to replay it.
7 лет назад
firefly7777 лет назад#1623612Hey, welcome to MyFigureCollection
Thanks for the friend request.

Thank you and you're welcome
7 лет назад
firefly7777 лет назад#1623610The Mass Effect trilogy is quite a good RPG series, you should try it out. Even though I prefer JRPGs too, ME was surprisingly good for a WRPG. The 2nd game has a lot of JRPG themes in it which is probably why it's my favorite of the 3.
Oooo, those look nice. Is it a single artist's work? Is it censored? The only nude art book I have is this one: ITEM #125021. Love his artwork, really knows how to draw women and understands human anatomy quite well. Though he could use more work on making his faces different.
Hmmmm had a person on my list with a similar name, think it was shadowedreplica. Reminds me of bootleg figures lol. No problem, I've got plenty of games, I'm sure we'll have some same games. I had BB CT but traded that and now only have Continuum Shift II.

In those artbooks you can see a lot of boobs and nipples, but it's not hentai or porn like yours :D And I like them, because 1 artist makes only 1 drawing, so there is a lot of variety in all of those pictures, so I don't have the issue with same faces. And it's divided into themes, so 10 magic girls drawings and 10 girls in a bathtub setting and a lot of other stuff^^

Well, recently I don't play so much ps3, more like reading a lot of manga and watching anime ;) Maybe you can recommend a nice online game we can play together on the ps3?
7 лет назад
firefly7777 лет назад#1621803Things cooled down, no more sweating ^.^. Working on Mass Effect 3 DLC, great so far.
Oh, you following a guide?
That's cool, which art books?
Also I keep forgetting to ask but what's your PSN ID?

Really? For me it was really hot here last night... Never played one of the Mass Effect games :/

Yeah, I'm following a guide in this game, have to get all those battle challenges first, which look like a lot of pain, but ofc. worth it ;)

Hmmmm, I got those two ITEM #165514 ITEM #65429 a lot of nice pictures and well-shaped breasts :D

And my PSN ID is WorthlessReplica. The name has some story behind it, that's why I've chosen it^^ But actually I normally play a lot of JRPGs, my only online game is Blazblue Calamity Trigger :/ But feel free to add me anyway :)
7 лет назад
firefly7777 лет назад#1620171Hey, how's it going? Finish HDN Victory yet?

Hey :)

Everything fine here, how about you? Actually I still have to unlock the true route in this game :/ But I first want to get the platinum trophy in ToX 2^^

And I finally got my first 2 Artbooks, looks really nice ;)
7 лет назад
firefly7777 лет назад#1585215I see that you got your GSC Sena, how do you like her?

She looks better than I expected, couldn't see any flaws with her ;)
7 лет назад
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