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Broke student.
Retro game, dakimakura, and figure collector.


Happy Birthday!
4 года назад
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
5 лет назад
Happy Birthday!
5 лет назад
(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* happy birthday
5 лет назад
Happy Birthday !
5 лет назад
Happy Birthday~!!!

Enjoy this day~!
5 лет назад
Thank you for the friend request! :3
You got a lovely colletion~
7 лет назад
IshokuOsero Idol in training <3
enkor8 лет назад#1095975Yeah there was a borders down the street from where I live. It was really sad when they closed, the employees looked so sad. I mean I understand why, but it was really depressing. There's a Half Priced Books hiring down the street also, but they want full time ;-;. Anyways I'm really sorry for spamming your wall, just bored really.

Yeah. I mean, corporate really, really sucked at Borders, especially the last couple of years. They were threatening our jobs and being generally really lousy, but I won't get into the whole story. It made it a really bad place to work though. I think the worst part at the one I worked at was that all of us that opened the store, also closed it. Most of us originals were still there at the end. We were going home crying often during liquidation, it was pretty bad.

Wow, someplace hiring full time? Jeez, can't find that around up here where I live. People are lucky to get part time, and even then lucky to get over 10 hours a week with part time. It's pretty awful. I consider myself to be really lucky to have had the experience prior, because it got me into full time only a few months after I started working at the new place. I feel bad for a lot of my coworkers that need more hours and yet can't find more work, though.

Haha that's fine. I'm just sitting around watching anime anyways. =3 Have a messenger of some sort, like Yahoo or MSN?
8 лет назад
IshokuOsero Idol in training <3
enkor8 лет назад#1095968At least ;-;
How is it working at a book store? I wish I could right now, but cause of school I'm stuck working at Subway just cause the manager is willing to work with my hours ;-;.

It's nice, but it really depends on the management and coworkers too. I like the place I work at a lot (of course that's easy to say when I've been working there a year and they've already given me a promotion), but while I hated working at Borders because of corporate with them, I kinda miss it sometimes. I miss my coworkers I had there. We were an awesome group, really tight-knit. We never really had too many seasonal workers since there were the same people sticking around the entire time we had been open. People tend to come and go at the new work quite often and I'm not fond of the sad goodbyes this much, you know? But overall it's really nice. It's probably one of the best retail sorts of environments out there too - even though you get shitty customers just like every other retail, it's not generally quite as often, since people are a bit more intelligent when they walk in the doors. ^^; Most of them would tend to work with your hours though, I think. At least Barnes does, and I know Borders did too when they were around, though they're quite obviously defunct now.
8 лет назад
IshokuOsero Idol in training <3
enkor8 лет назад#1095963boooooo! ;-;

At least you tried. =P
8 лет назад
Your one stop shop for Japanese collectibles, Japanese snacks, Japanese Language Books and Learning Materials.

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