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Figures for saleLIST #20271
Check them out, Thanks!

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Hey are you still selling the Miku Strawberry White Kimono nendoroid? I'm interested, please let me know.
2 года назад
5 лет назад
Heya, just wondering, since you seemed to have shipped a lot of figures to Melbourne, how safe is it to use the unregistered SAL options?

Like have you ever got damage or things like that
6 лет назад
ebchman6 лет назад#2155271Indeed. I do love the feeling of browsing around a shop and physically inspecting merchandises though.
It is so much more tempting when you see it! I'll only sometimes justify it... But usually I'm a tight ass :p
6 лет назад
So was mine haha!
Oh well it's not like I buy a lot locally.. What's the point when it's cheaper overseas :)
6 лет назад
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
ebchman6 лет назад#2113001Happy Birthday!
Many happy returns :)
Thanks! :D
6 лет назад
Your inbox was full and I don't know any other way to get your attention.


^^You can update your blogpost. :)
6 лет назад
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
ebchman6 лет назад#2050445There's no end to it if no one wants to be accountable.
That's crazy but I guess it works out for you in the long term as you are still working at the same place.
GSC/MF shouldn't be delaying 7th Dragon Miku beyond April. I mean they already have the final product photos recently (where people debates on how underwhelming she appears to be here at MFC).
That's a lot of manga.
Enjoy your weekend.
Yeah :( Sucks but it seems that's how it works in corporations.

Yep! I'm glad I worked to get my own internship since I've gotten a lot more value than what I would have otherwise. The other half got an internship with a place the coordinator suggested and while he's got a good job there now, I've learned a lot more about business.

You'd hope not :p But it could be that while the final product is done, the box design isn't finalised yet or something? Or maybe there's an issue with the blister pack. Still, it shouldn't be a huge issue.

It doesn't look like much until you have to box it up =__= Though the same goes for figures too.

You too! :)
6 лет назад
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
ebchman6 лет назад#2048573That's so wrong but unfortunately true. So who should be responsible for the cabling if not the ISP? Telstra? Builder? Home owner? Local estate/council?
I'm sure it is. I'll keep it in mind.
Do you mean to say that you have to look for, apply and negotiate with all the prospective companies for your internship? If yes, that's ridiculous. What's the point of the intern manager/coordinator then?
Tens of thousands of dollars for those unfortunate overseas students. Screw these unis.
I'm thinking of this gif of a corgi excitedly bouncing on all four itsy bitsy legs with tongue out and tail wagging. Cuteness overload.
Hmmm maybe I should record all my unboxing of complexly assembled figures for future references.
After I've paid for these 2 recently released items, ITEM #144366 and ITEM #117205 I'll have only 1 outstanding item ITEM #144293 at AmiAmi.
Must be quite the manga collection to punish your shelves so. Better get more shelving units then and redistribute the load.
I know right? I'd say it should be the responsibility of whoever owns the cabling, so in this case it would be Telstra. But I'm sure they'd say it's the homeowner's responsibility since it's to their house. Always with the blame pushing.

Yep. All they did was say "you need to find one" and gave two company names that offered internships - of which none of them wanted someone with my skills, so I had to look myself, apply and negotiate. She had no purpose to be honest.

Mmm. It's shocking.

Hehehehehehhehe. I often go on r/corgi when I need my corgi fix. There's so many cute puppies :3

Might be worth it if you want to know how the plastic goes back. I know there have been cases where I'd look at photos on here to see how things go back in the box because I can't remember what parts come off.

Oh cool! All three of those are outstanding figures. I'm keen for the 7th Dragon 2020 Miku to come out, whenever that will happen haha.

Yeah, about 350ish volumes. I'm selling off a bunch recently to make it easier to move, I think around 100 of them. It should make it a lot easier to store them all and hopefully it'll allow me to rid myself of the bookcase, or just move it into the garage.
6 лет назад
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
ebchman6 лет назад#2048478Wow, that's just frustrating. You'd better not be paying for that kind of service.
I've zero motivation to edit my profile page.
I see. RMIT do have a very well-known and well-connected internship programs for their degrees.
Yeah, as a student I get the feeling that we're basically cash cows that the university can milk and discard as they please.
Oh, 10 minutes away is not too bad at all.
Corgies are too adorable. Itsy bitsy legs and that face....
I see. For a complexly assembled scaled figures, I honestly wouldn't remember which parts goes where in the blister and which parts should be wrapped with the clear plastics.
Yeah, I've slowed down somewhat and these release delays are actually blessings in disguise as they help with my space issues for now.
What shelving are you talking about?
Unfortunately we are :/ Sadly ISPs have all the control when it comes to this stuff. They provide the potential for a service but if the wiring isn't good enough, too bad >__>

But it's fun! D:

I wouldn't know, even with my degree having an internship year. I had to find my own placement and everything. The intern manager couldn't care less about it, I was nagging her to do her job.
Basically! I hate it, I feel like even though we pay thousands of dollars a year for this education, universities treat us like they're doing us a massive favour.

Yep! It'll be a nice fast move :D
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees ;u; Their flopsy ears too!

Yeah, that's why I don't even try, it's too hard to know how they did it originally.

Haha, I want things to come out now that they're all paid for but I'm happy nothing else is coming out this month. Less boxes to move :p
I've got a bookcase for my manga at the moment but because of the weight of the books, the shelves are starting to warp and it doesn't look as nice as the Expedit cubes.
6 лет назад
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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