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did you lay this egg?
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waddup it's the fingers in kanye west's ass
loser in college. majoring in radio & television. i draw on the side. cant drive yet. dyke

my main points of interest (as in things i could talk about for hours) are jojo's bizarre adventure (part 5 being my favorite) and, quite obviously, pripara. i do watch the occasional seasonal anime and have a taste for horror, but i have no greater loves than those two properties.

hibiki shikyoin is very clearly my most favorite character, but not in a sexual way. i just adore her and feel a really strong connection to her. she is my queen... and god help anyone who dares disrespect my queen.

i am also obsessed with and working on ita bags for kirishima eijiro (he's an angel), goro akechi (demon...) and saihara shuichi/kiibo (though most of them are western fan charms, so i have no working list on here) and i'm quite fond of sonico items.

current state of collecting: constantly picking up hibiki items. actively pursuing more jojo's items. lurking in the bushes @ sonico items. i've been collecting any prize figures that i find lovely, so the taito miku line and the recent touhou prizes.

i also have a nintendo switch and a deep love for nintendo games and my switch.





Happy birthday to you^^^^
1 месяц назад
keter Anomalous Precure!
happy birthday!! :D
1 месяц назад
GOOD TASTE hibiki is godtier
4 месяца назад
Happy B ^^
1 год назад
keter Anomalous Precure!
happy birthday! love ur hibiki collection :0
1 год назад
happy b day !! (。・ω・。)ノ♡
1 год назад
well I dont know where to respond to ur message, I bought little display box at korean shop.
it's just acrylic display box, and I add background paper on it.
1 год назад
Hey, your inbox is full. About the question, sure no rush!
Edit: nvm, I just got the email, thank you!
1 год назад
Haüpy Birthday to you :-)
2 года назад
Happy Birthday!!
2 года назад
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