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Hi nice to meet ya I'm Ash :)
I've been collecting figures since 2012 and have enjoyed it ever since!!
my first figure that I bought was figma Samus Aran ITEM #81488

Other than figure collecting I also like to watch anime, read manga, play video games, play cards games, draw and hang out with friends~

My some of my favourite franchises are JoJo, Persona, senran kagura and the fate series ^^

Feel free to send me a FR or a PM :D
I'm always up for a chat and to meet more peeps ^^

Thanks for visiting my profile and have an awesome day :)

Also free free to register my 3DS friend code: 1161-0135-5841
and to add me on PS3/4 and steam :3

Steam: crashtestash31
PS3/4: crashtestash



Waifuholic ワイフホリック
Yeah, I'm like: "we get it, Asuka's best girl, now let's move on". Very annoying.

I chose the Golden Deer because I liked Hilda and Lysithea =P

Honda was released alongside Lucia and Poison in August. I don't exactly like them, my main character is Karin =)

Just SFV currently. I played some DOA6 and FighterZ, but I'm kinda tired of seeing so many Gokus in the game.

I'll send to you a FR on psn, if you're ok with it.
10 месяцев назад
Waifuholic ワイフホリック
Some people on twitter know that Yumi's Japan's waifu and the face of SK, but they still complain, especially Asuka fans, it's tiring.

Yeah, thing is that I chose female Byleth and after a couple of hours I realized that I wouldn't be able to start a relationship with many girls in the game, so I stopped =/

I love fanservice and I play many waifu games so I'm pretty sure I'll be getting it at some point!

I'm into fighting games, especially the Street Fighter series. SFV is not exactly my favourite but I play it almost every day lol

Yeah many Spike Chunsoft games were on sale recently on Steam. I'm not a "PC/Steam user" though, so I prefer to buy/play my games on consoles unless it's a very old game or a indie game I like.

BTW Zero Escape trilogy bundle is 20% off currently on Steam:
10 месяцев назад
Waifuholic ワイフホリック
I'm really ok with more Yumis tbh, I think it comes very natural to release merch of the most popular character. Of course I would like to see some other Senrans as well.

Nep merch, especially figures tend to skyrocket after release, so yeah. Still want to get Next Black ITEM #604471 some day though.

I got Three Houses but I'm not playing it too much for now, I play on my ps4 most of the time, so maybe that's the reason lol

Gun Gun Pixies looks fun, but I'm saving some money because I want to buy Omega Labyrinth Life.

I suppose you're playing BBCTB cause of Yumi? xP

And yeah, the Zero Escape trilogy is great, I mean if you like Danganronpa then you absolutely will enjoy this series (both games were developed by Spike Chunsoft). A visual novel + escape-the-room scenarios and, since you have to make decisions that influence the story, then the game's got many endings which is nice. There's a bundle with the first 2 games ("999" and "Virtue's Last Reward") called "Zero Escape: The Nonary Games" for PS4, it was released in 2017. The third game ("Zero Time Dilemma") was released later the same year. BTW the games aren't new, they were released originally for the DS and 3DS. I highly recommend this series, so be careful with spoilers!
10 месяцев назад
Waifuholic ワイフホリック
Yah, your fav is the most popular character in the series and I'm ok with that xP. I like Yumi too, she's gorgeous. I've also pre-ordered ITEM #892108.

That Nepgear figure is on my wishlist, and since she's a 1/8 I think she won't be expensive, hopefully.

I got the 4GO platinum a year ago I think. Enjoyed it a lot. Now I'm currently playing the Zero Escape trilogy, awesome series!

I often buy games but don't play them right away, sometimes I'm busy or just being lazy lol
10 месяцев назад
Waifuholic ワイフホリック
Yah, I also like PBS but I consider EV my favourite.

Ryoubi-chan is my SK girl, she's got many things I love: twintails, tsun, beautiful heterochromatic eyes, sniper, her voice (Ryoubi and Kyoko share the same Japanese VA ><) and finally she can be flat or busty, so a perfect bundle xP

About DR2 I agree and I'm a big fan of the series, so I really like all the games and I'd like a new one in the future.

Nepgear is better than Neptune IMO, unless we're talking about Purple Heart, she's simply stunning. Waifu is Noire, though (twintails, you know xP) always looking to buy more Noire-related stuff. (And I need to play the Nep RPG, but I've got too many things to play at the moment, so, a bit busy lol)
10 месяцев назад
Waifuholic ワイフホリック
I love Estival Versus, I really enjoyed it and became enamoured of Ryoubi-chan! (I also got Shinovi Versus but I played EV first).
Even though I love Kyoko Kirigiri, my favourite game is Danganronpa 2, it is just amazing and I also love Mikan Tsumiki a lot.
Hard to tell about Nep games, I like them all, but since I love the "Next" forms I'll go and say that VII/VIIR is the winner here.
Twintails girls (usually tsunderes) are best girls IMO.

What about you? =)
10 месяцев назад
Waifuholic ワイフホリック
You're welcome. Nice collection btw, and it seems we've got some similar tastes. Twintails FTW!
10 месяцев назад
i cleared my inbox :)
2 года назад
ok thats sounds really good :) is it with paypal fees? :)

edit: i think a take it :)
2 года назад
how much would be shipping?

and is it the version with the light base?
2 года назад
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