aren't i an awesome chick?!
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I'm Lily a 25 year old full-time OL.



Hi there!

I see you have Genos Nendoroid on your wish list. I have one for sale for 75. PM me if you are interested! :)
3 месяца назад
Still interested in selling the Vash/Wolfwood bundle?
2 года назад
babyofcry3 года назад#19429337The box is at home in another box in storage lol. The box is perfectly fine and will be sent with the figure. If you want to purchase the figure please PM me.

i do wanna buy. could you hold it till the 14th? btw still cant PM you due to your inbox is full
3 года назад
babyofcry3 года назад#19429150PM'd you!

Do you have a picture of the box as well?
3 года назад
Your inbox is full so

Question about SALE #124666

Could you send pictures and what would it cost to ship it to 34685
3 года назад
Happy birthday!! :D I hope it's a great one!
4 года назад
babyofcry4 года назад#6962650Thank you so much for your help :)
You're welcome.. I hope this help you.. xD
4 года назад
babyofcry4 года назад#6962642No you're ok I added you <3! And thank you hehe I like your Kamui avatar!!~
Yay. xD You're welcome. thanks..i'm Kamui fever.. xD
4 года назад
babyofcry4 года назад#6962641Ah, thank you!! c: The size charts are nonexistent for this jacket for the sleeve lengths so do you know how long yours are?
Well, Japanese clothes are little small trust me it's small than western sizes! o.o; if you are M then buy L just try..if you want to buy two sizes M and L together to see if it's fit on you then sell this size M or L you not need to. c: I know they are costs.. xD;;
Um...eh..I don't know...lol I don't have a tape measomine(?) for sleeve lengths in somewhere [it's vanish I not remember where it is last time. x.x] I have my jacket [not this it's western] too big coat I liked hide my hands in them for like warm lol.. xD
I not like too tightly on my wrist..just let me test I use ruler [I know.. ^^;;] I guess it's about 24? ^^; orz
4 года назад
sorry if I -re add you on FR here.. I'll understand you not want this again.. I don't remember I did add you before. ._.; oops.. orz sorry!
I love your Kagura avatar. x33
4 года назад
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