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I am a college student who loves anime, manga, games and collecting figures. Send me a FR if you want.

Favorite Anime Character: Kakashi Hatake

Favorite Anime: Too many to list but Naruto, Fairy Tail, Assassination Classroom and Bungou Stray dogs are a few to name.

Favorite Figure: I have the ver. 2 Kakashi from MegaHouse which I am very proud of since I searched a lot for it and found it for a decent price. MegaHouse Ace POP Max is another figure I like.

Favorite Manga: World Trigger and The Promised Neverland. I also read the source material for most of my favorite anime so cant really say.

Favorite Game: I love Pokémon and I also enjoy some Fire Emblem and Splatoon.



yakushining your Highness
Yeah, Anbu Kakashi is insanely expensive right now. Hoping to get the matching Itachi one day too.

Haha I totally get you. I'm really into both as well. I have a lot to say about Naruto though lol. I call myself a fan, but absolutely hated how it ended :p I rant a lot about the series on the daily haha.

Also, I see that you have the Okido Green nendoroid. Really wish I got him. I cancelled my order because I had other things to pay for and am currently spending my money on more Akatsuki merch haha. How is he as a nendoroid? Worth what you paid?
1 год назад
yakushining your Highness
hey, thanks for the FR. i see we have a lot of common interests like pokemon assassination classroom and naruto ^^
i see you have the kakashi ver 2 figure! he's super nice, hope i can find him one day.
hope to chat with you sometime about any series or whatnot! :)
1 год назад
Thanks a lot ^^
Hope you have a nice day too~
1 год назад
Yeah that makes sense. No problem! I want them to make these figures too! Thank you for reaching out! I think I might have actually requested them to re-release the Fairy Tail figures, but it doesn't hurt to do it again. Haha!
2 года назад
Hey I'm sorry about that. I didn't notice that it was full. I made some room now.
I doubt at this point GSC will ever release another Fairy Tail figure because Fairy Tail Isn't popular in Japan, but I will gladly take my time to send a request!
2 года назад
Thank you for the birthday wishes!!
2 года назад
Thank you so much!
I hope you're doing great!

ashtonlee3 года назад#18703188Happy belated birthday.
3 года назад
Yeeeesss, I'm saving money for all Hk characters, they're all unbelievably cute!
3 года назад
Thank you so much! My first Nendo (Oikawa) arrived in February and after that I basically went down hill getting hooked up in these cute figures. I have to say: it's super hard to choose the ones you're actually buying. :˜˜˜

I do want the Nendoroid from Pokemon so BAD but then they're normally more expensive then others on the websites I buy. So I always push them a bit further in my priority list. With Bokuto and Akaashi being announced, I'm sure i won't be able to buy them for now.

Anyway, nice to meet you! And sorry for my english, its clearly not my first language x)

ashtonlee3 года назад#16496690Hey, I just saw your collection and may I say it's great. Glad to see there someone else who knows how hard it is to pick favorites when everything is so damn cute. Also I too started collecting figures because of the Haikyuu and Pokémon Nendoroids although I did miss on the original Red.
3 года назад
ashtonlee3 года назад#15659581Happy Birthday!!! =D

Thank you!! :)
3 года назад
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Naruto Shippuden, Bungo Stray Dogs, Grand Blue, Haikyuu
World Trigger and The Promised Neverland
Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Splatoon
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