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Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
5 лет назад
Happy birthday!
7 лет назад
Shizuking ひきこもり
Xiao97Sorry for the late reply ^^'
but thanks for the birthday wish :)

oh, it's okay~ And you're welcome ^ ^
8 лет назад
Shizuking ひきこもり
happy birthday~!! :)
8 лет назад
Happy birthday!
8 лет назад
Xiao97Sorry for the late reply ^^;
Here is my list myanimelist.net...
lol don't ask why I gave some of the bad animes some high scores, sometimes I just give them high scores either coz I like the soundtracks or the art style xD
Only today was able to go to the myanimelist. A good list, a good choice ^ ^ But ... I probably will not watch so much anime in my life (I hope, you understand my bad english speech)
I am looking forward Kizumonogatari too.
9 лет назад
Xiao97Thanks ^^ My collection is still small though.
My name is Sherine. You can call me that for now. What can I call you?

ahaha ^^ dun worry about it..
u will have a ton of collection without u notice it later..
believe me ^^

okay, sherine-san..
u can call me xie..
nice to meet you anyway ^^
9 лет назад
Xiao97No problem ^^ You own really great figures btw

thank you~ ^^
oh, btw what should i call u?
i also love ur pvc collection..
9 лет назад
thx 4 accepting my FR ^^
9 лет назад
Xiao97What other animes have you seen? I watched very few anime, about 40. Here is everything that I watched (unless I didn't forget something).myanimeshelf.co... What have you seen?
9 лет назад
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.

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