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Ohayo! Welcome to my page. I just want to introduce myself as a female with many different hobbies, tsundere, socially awkward, and major otaku. But don't let that scare you away! I'm always willing to help out people, I try my hardest with that. Yup.

Random facts:

- I have way too many figures & plushies then I hardly have space for.

- I am a 10+ year editor is Adobe Photoshop 7.0, and I still haven't changed to a better photoshop. xD

- Used to be one of those "nerds" that roleplayed on myspace, roleplayer.me, and now my "roleplayer facebook" is just used as my normal one. Granted only my roleplay friends are added. -loser alert-

** Anyway if you have anything to ask me go right ahead.~



happy birthday!! I hope this year is kind to you <33
5 месяцев назад
happy birthday lovely!!
1 год назад
Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :))
2 года назад
Happy Birthday !!!
3 года назад
Happy birthday!! c:
3 года назад
Have you received my PMs? D:
4 года назад
XKatana4 года назад#4500504Just saw your comment on the Halloween blog, was curious. Notice your a Respiratory Therapist too. Sweet! xD Glad I'm not the only one on here.
Hello fellow RT! And late Happy Respiratory Care Week!
4 года назад
XKatana5 лет назад#2923996My favorites are Komaeda, Byakuya, Kuzuryuu, Celes, and Chiaki. xD I seriously am wishing they made this GK kit into an actual figure. -w- would snatch it soooooo quick. ITEM #197599

Sorry for the late reply- coursewoooork *sigh* :(
On topic- I saw that kit and yessss I would order it so fast if they actually made it! Instead I just have to have my eye on that armchair Levi from Attack on Titan. It's just not the same though...
5 лет назад
XKatana5 лет назад#2901089Gomen this is late as hell, I'm usually busy as shit recently in RL. But! Komaeda is one of my husbandos, but I'm so not worthy. ;w; -shot- Yea! Well I would recommend both Komaedas of course, but I really like the ARTFX version of Hinata ITEM #198326 too. I mean Algernon's Junko ITEM #142995 is pretty nice as well, plus she's been in the bargain bin for as far as I can tell.
Who's your favorite characters anyway? That might make it easier, haha.

It's quite alright! I have a lot of coursework as well so I totally understand :) Don't worry about it ^^
That Hinata is on my wishlist, along with this Kyoko ITEM #144354. Favourites-wise let me see... Naegi, Kyoko, Byakuya, Chihiro, Komaeda, Kazuichi, Ibuki and Gundham. A lot I know, but the characters are all so awesome! >w<
5 лет назад
XKatana5 лет назад#2832841Awww thank you very much. >w< Which Komaeda tho? I happen to have both of the ones on your wish list. lol. He's one of my favorite characters, so I just have to get them both. Fortune shined for me with the prize one, ITEM #266522 I managed to get lucky and snagged it off of Mandarake.
You too. You have a nice week.~ xD

Oh gosh I hadn't even noticed the prize figure- I must have missed it! I was referring to the Kotobukiya ARTFX one! :3 He's so beautiful! It's so lucky you were able to find the prize one on Mandarake- but given Komaeda's relationship with luck perhaps he wanted you to buy him? ;P
I still don't have any Danganronpa figures yet (which seems silly since I have a Monokuma plushie and the Limited Edition of Danganronpa 2) so I was wondering which you recommend? :)
5 лет назад
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