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Avid videogamer, cosplayer and lover of all things cute and fuzzy. I love me some sexy, PVC girlies.

Super Sonico, Resident Evil and Gurren Lagann fan girl. I collect anything with Super Sonico's face plastered on it.




I am jelly of your Unlimited Blade Works Rin figure ;-;
4 года назад
hi Woodlandbunny I see you like super sonico but do you also like ITEM #183891 this figure cant wait for her release
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
I received the headset today, and it looks great! Thank you for sending me one! =3
I also have the cosplay so I'm pretty much all set!

About the lights on the headset, how would one replace the batteries if they run out?
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
I hope so too! Tomorrow I should get my cosplay! Today I received my wig ^^

Alright nice! There are always a lot of interesting people at anime conventions ^^ Cannot wait for Abunai :)
Woodlandbunny6 лет назад#2290193That's good to hear. Hopefully they arrive in good condition! (I packaged them well! >_<)
Yeah, Hyper Japan was great thanks! Met a lot of interesting people!
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
No no, I'm happy! I saw the photos from the one you have and they look great! I already thought they wouldn't be official since I didn't find any as well, but I thought I'd ask, just in case =P

So, how was Hyper Japan?
Woodlandbunny6 лет назад#2290136I don't think they're official, sadly; just a standard cosplay prop (I tried looking for official ones ages ago but didn't come across any). If you aren't happy with them, please let me know. ^_^
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
I was wondering, can the headphones be added to the database or aren't they from a company?
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
Yea, that's great! =D
Ok, nice, thank you ^^

The cosplay arrived in the Netherlands today, so I should get it on Monday or Tuesday I guess. Unless customs holds on to it for a while.
Woodlandbunny6 лет назад#2285594I can confirm that we have received payment. Yes, it's the silver version with lights. ^_^
I'll get them shipped out for you on Monday and I'll PM the tracking number to you. ^u^
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
That's alright, there is still time ^^

I just transferred the money, can you confirm that you received it?
I left my address in the PayPal message when sending the money. It should also be visible on the transaction screen.

It's the silver headphones, correct? With the lights? =D
Pretty excited haha =3
Woodlandbunny6 лет назад#2285437So sorry for the delay. We have them now and they're ready to ship! Please send payment of £69.99 (£59.99 for headphones and £10 shipping) to support@tokyotoys.com (PayPal) and I'll get them shipped out Monday for you. Usually takes about 5~7 days. ^_^
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
Hi! How are you doing? The Sonico cosplay and necklace has been shipped and I should get it within a week! The same goes for a wig I bought ^^

I was wondering when you can ship me the headphones? I'd love to receive it soon =3
6 лет назад
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
That's ok, don't worry :D Just tell me when you can send it and how much I should pay. And to what PayPal or whatever. Thanks!Woodlandbunny6 лет назад#2276331As soon as possible, so sorry for the delay, things have been super busy recently since Summer holidays have just started >_<
6 лет назад
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