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♡ Hello!(◕‿◕✿)♡

Welcome to my MFC page!

I started collecting figures in 2017 when my boyfriend introduced me to this fun (and expensive) hobby. Initially he gifted me a prize figure of Kurisu in 2015, but I really got into the hobby in 2017 when he bought me my first Nendoroid (Oikawa) and first scale figure (Alter's Nozomi). I admired the beauty and detail of scale figures, as well as the versatility and fun of Nendoroids. *(◕o◕✿) Thus from there, I decided to build up my collection with my boyfriend and was hooked! I am excited to continue to expand my collection and add new figures to my figure fam. 。^‿^。

I am also into cosplaying! I don't cosplay often, but I've been to two conventions and cosplayed as Sylveon and Hanamaru from Love Live. I also own a super cute Nitocris cosplay but haven't worn it out yet. I hope to cosplay more in the future and collect different outfits of my favorite characters. ^ᴗ^

Although I'm busy with university and work nowadays, I make time to game and watch anime when I can. I play FGO and Azur Lane. Some of my top faves from FGO are Cu Chulainn (all versions but mostly Alter), Ozymandias, Nitocris, Romani, and Nero. ♡ In Azur lane, my fave girls are Prinz Eugen, Eldridge, Akagi, Unicorn, Yuudachi, Prince of Wales, and Helena. :3 Meanwhile, I'm currently watching the Fate series and Is the Order a Rabbit??~ (´・×・`)

In terms of other favorites, I love cute things and handsome husbandos. ♡ I enjoy room decorating/shelf arranging so I try to make things adorable! I collect plushies and fan art, so you'll see some custom commissions and plushies mixed in with my collection. ♫(・◡・)

I hope you enjoy looking at my collection as I continue to update my displays with new figures, merch, and more!
Fate Series, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, Monogatari Series, Is the Order a Rabbit?, Stein's Gate, March Comes in like a Lion, Love Live, Haikyuu, Kuroko no Basket, Fruit's Basket, Idolish7, Log Horizon
Fate Grand Order, Azur Lane



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