Laughing and crying.
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Your not so favorite madman.

I'm observing the world from near but far,apathetic. I see hope and despair and clearly see the true victor of both. The hope for some will never happen without the despair of others. Some embrace the light and think they are benevolent and healthy but despising darkness is their own woe. The light is born in darkness and in darkness it disappears soon or later. Denying your own origin, knights of light, is the fastest way to your despair, as you try to fantasize the impossible you that will never be as stable as you wished. Mock darkness and despair till your own decay become your own testament of the true source of creation. The destruction of many may pave the construction for others. A Star explodes and gives the seed for new possibilities. I laugh and smirk at your diligence, oh knights of light, as your results are ephemeral and will wane in darkness one way or another. Your own sanity is built over a bog, that will swallow your hope slowly.
You'll study, create laws, keep control over pests and criminals, write books and more books about order and progress, shun the madman and idiots and cast them in prisons and poverty, make war machines and build a great country and say all is for the light! Oh diligence! Soon you'll find that everything done will collapse and the war machines of good will serve the inevitable darkness. Then you'll say all was for good and I'll laugh even more. No more fantasy, knights of light, your proud way of good deeds and moral fibers is nothing more than a delusional life. A mad man is saner.

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Just another out of pattern crazy guy with an infinity of interests and fetishes. A loving child who was transformed into a sociopath after years living among human liars and manipulators. Today I live looking for improvement to achieve the freedom that I can guarantee myself.

About the hobby:I've been into figures/action figures since I was a little lad (I can remember since I had 5 years old). Had figures of series like G.I.Joe (the small scale ones),Thundercats, and Masters of the Universe. As a Teenager I had some Saint Seiya action figures, dinosaur figures and some X-men and Reboot figures. Always loved to watch Tokusatsu and Super Sentai series as a kid, like Dengeki Sentai Changeman,Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion and Kamen Rider, since then I was swallowed by japanese modern culture. Watched over a thousand of anime series and played even more japanese games (unfortunately I've been retired from gaming for the last 2 years). Since 2004 I've been collecting imported japanese goods uninterruptedly. My tastes can be quite chaotic, going from the extremely childish/girlish cute to the extremely gory and depraved.

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Mad Scientist and Conspirator
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