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Bloempje Hunting my grails
And i appreciate that. :D
2 года назад
Bloempje Hunting my grails
Thank you for faving an rating my pictures often :3
2 года назад
no, it is just like a name my friends gave me. Back when I was a young student. I went to a normal public school. (lol sorry for the confusion.) Anyways, I'm sure I'll see you again around mfc, happy collecting! xD
2 года назад
oh cool, that is really well thought out! thank you for explaining the mystery lol. I didn't even know what it meant and it looked cool, now I like it even more. xD I might as well tell you- my username is mostly gibberish I came up with on-the-spot, many years ago, for a different website, since my school nickname was taken. I like it because it is only 5 letters, haha.
2 года назад
I've seen your username around mfc for what seems like forever, but I finally gotta ask, what is ANS an acronym for? (lol or is it a secret xD ?)
2 года назад
bambipie2 года назад#27426775Your pictures are so cute and whimsical!

Thank you!
Glad you like them :)
2 года назад
Your pictures are so cute and whimsical!
2 года назад
Welcome to the board The_ANS! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
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