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I collect too much plastic.


Thunkichud Solemate
Bought it from toranoana. Yes it has a little mosaic obscuring the underdeveloped vaginal opening, so rest assured that you can display it without offending anybody.
1 год назад
1 год назад
official dakimakuras (usually from animaru, cospa, movic, kadokawa, etc..) seldom have very good quality print

That said, I also have ITEM #471077 and I think the new ones are better. U can check my pictures for both dakis and make you an idea (bride version is 2 way tricot, not polyester)



hope it helps
2 года назад
Yep I am! PM me if you wanna ask about stuff. :)
2 года назад
It is definitely easier to do the panel lining off the runner as sometimes the runner gets in the way. And also you risk stressing the plastic where it's attached to the runner when you wipe away the point of contact (and those stressed parts turn white).

But it is still a matter of preference. I will usually get it out of the way when they are still on the runners because my hands get covered in the panel liner and then I can wash them before I start building. I just try not to wipe too hard and I have a paint eraser if a spot is being stubborn.

On the first Megami Device models, the panel lines are not all inset, just raised plastic on one side. You can use a scriber or your knife to make the panel lining easier in these places. This process is one I do after removing from the runner.
4 года назад
I saw that blu tack being used on their page. I'm wondering if they are only suggesting it for the face plate (so you can change it) and the parts necessary to access the face plate. The white "hair" that goes inside the ears of ITEM #655866 is so small and doesn't snap into place. I can't imagine just using blu tack for such parts. I used 5 minute epoxy on mine to keep those parts permanently in place. I have Tamiya cement and extra thin cement for when I need to glue parts of plastic kits but I don't think these are recommended for resin.

Volks USA has a short video series on putting together a CharaGumin kit:
Since those kits are also colored resin, I used it as a guide for these model parts. But instead of buying their glue www.volks.co.jp... I used the 5min epoxy. It worked well; only thing is it isn't instant so you have to be a little patient.
4 года назад
Yeah, if you have experience with model kits, you won't find this much different then. Model kits get easier to build as the years go on and the companies improve their products.

Also, I forgot to mention that I have Mr. Mark Softer for the decals.
4 года назад
TheKillerAngel4 года назад#31342861For building stuff like Frame Arms Girls and Megami Devices, what sorts of tools does one need? I ordered a Tamiya modeler's side cutter and modeling knife.
You have the most important tools. I use mainly those two tools for getting the parts off the runners. Snip with cutters and then even out with knife. Pros will then use sandpaper but when I use sandpaper it makes it look worse so I just shave away carefully with the knife.

A good pair of hobby tweezers will be helpful if you use the decals.
I use Gundam Markers for my paneling, the new ones work just like the "Tamiya Panel Line Accent". Although the Tamiya product is cheaper in the end.
Oh, and a good light source makes a big difference.

Panel lining and decals are optional but eventually you will probably want to add such customizations, especially considering all the dope mod parts you have on order. As you know, those mod parts are a different material. I'm much less experienced with resin. I used some five-minute epoxy for my ITEM #655866 but I think I'll do something different with these next parts. Did you put together any of your CharaGumin kits? If so, you're probably good with those mod kits.

Also, you may not regret starting with a cheap Gundam kit to practice.
4 года назад
TheKillerAngel6 лет назад#4199257How do you have space for your collection?

I use 3 houses to store lol
6 лет назад
TheKillerAngel7 лет назад#3069202I saw that you own this figure - ITEM #2388 Where did you get it?

7 лет назад

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